Christchurch Thai Restaurant which is Best

blou, Oct 10, 4:34am
Hi Team Our favourite Thai Place Semas Edgeware not open Sunday nights .. anyone know a good place price taste wisethats open Sundays ??

charlieb2, Oct 10, 4:41am
People on here often recommend Red Chilli Thai on Gloucster nearly at Woodham road lights.. and apparently that is still open, although other shops in that block arent

bluecalico, Oct 10, 4:59am
I like Buddha Stix on Riccarton Road

sumstyle, Oct 10, 5:09am
I like Sala Thai on the corner of Kilmore and Colombo.

noonesgirl, Oct 10, 5:31am
Hammersleys, cnr Hills/Shirley road are good for closeness. Do you want Takeaways or Dine In/

blou, Oct 10, 5:33am
THanks Heaps everyone re Hammersleys have you easten there never see people in there so have often wondered if anyone has eaten there ??

deus701, Oct 10, 6:01am
I kinda like Manee Thai on colombo street

chinwageathai serves bastardised thai food if thats what ur after.

noonesgirl, Oct 10, 7:25am
Yes. Had their lunch deal & takeaways. No compliants

barbs77, Oct 10, 7:27am
Semas is our fav. try Aroy thai on Victoria St, also very good

blou, May 20, 11:19am
THank you everyone just home from Thai Orchid Riccarton Rd delighted to say nice meal was swayed by a 25% discount voucher in our Entertainment book but nice food Semas still our Fave but not bad .. again thanks everyone