Where to find Authentic Thai and Asian Recipes?

supahumanpowerz, Oct 8, 4:21am
Where do I find authentic Thai and Asian recipes like chicken with cashews, black bean beef, fried rice, etc?

I can only seem to find crappy European hybrid ones which use ready made sachets and look and taste nothing like I buy in food halls or Thai takeaway shops.

Is there any good authentic books that I can get from the library you recommend?

davidt4, Oct 8, 4:36am
Charmaine Solomon's books are very good.For authentic Thai food David Thompson is the expert.Fuschia Dunlop is the expert on Sichuanese and Hunanese food.Ken Hom is good on Chinese food in general and so is Kylie Kwong.

supahumanpowerz, Oct 8, 4:59am
And for the ingredients I'd need to go to an Asian supermarket right?

Not just Pak n Save?

davidt4, Oct 8, 5:19am
An Asian supermarket, yes.They are much cheaper than conventional supermarkets and the ingredients are fresher.

mallee, Oct 8, 5:26am
Not to mention more authentic davidt4 :-) :-). Buying a curry paste from Watties, or one of those manufacturers is nothing like the curry pastes one buys at a proper Asian supermarket, and what fun it is to browse through them. I go in just for a look, and leave laden down with goodies.

pickles7, Oct 8, 8:55pm
you tube, look n learn.

ed65, Oct 8, 9:44pm
I really recommend this book 'Thai Cooking - The Most Distinctive and Exotic Cuisine of South-East Asia' by Kurt Kahrs. Each chapter contains recipes from a different region in Thailand, there's info on cooking techniques & equipment, fruit & vege carving, and an extensive list of Thai food names and ingredients.

magmcm, May 23, 12:00am
rick steins far eastern odyssey is a great book, I love it, my favourite part is how at the back there is about 50 curry pastes dipping sauces etc which when made yourself rather than from a jar creates a totally different delicious dish. It is a pain to make curry paste when we have the convenience of a jar, I have started making 2 or 3 times the quantity and putting the rest in a jar for a quick option now and then its still fresher than the supermarket stuff and you get the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself.