Healthy bread

muttly, Sep 29, 1:19am
easy bread recipe please

uli, Sep 29, 4:54am
For an "easy" bread you need flour, water, salt and yeast. Make a dough and let it rise, knead it down again, form into a loaf and bake either free form or in a tin after letting it rise a second time. Heat the oven to 250 C and bake in hot oven for 15 minutes, then turn down to 200C and finish baking. Time depends on the size of the loaf.

As for "healthy" - grains are not really "healthy" - you can make them healthier bysoaking, sprouting and long fermentation to decrease the amount of toxins.

buzzy110, Apr 25, 2:44am
muttly, I have just bumped the definitive bread thread. You should have a look at that and you will find a ton of 'easy' bread recipes.