Little mouthfull nibbles for savoury and dessert

lily23, Feb 23, 8:03am
so far got chicken nibbles, little meatballs satay dip, cheese platters, dips and sweet ones dipped strawberries, rum balls(Im after a good recipe for that too please) Any other ideas welcome

alewis, Feb 23, 8:17am
prawns with chilli sauce on the side, smoked chicken/salmon in cream cheese in a pastry tart, eye fillet steak on a billini, lamb skewers, salmon roulade wrapped with sav pancake, mini club sandwiches, mini burgers, mini rolls with pastrami, canembert, sundried tomato, feta, spinach and cheese, mini pizzas, sweet, mini jellys with fruit in little plastic pill containers, mini tarts with banoffe pie, caramel and walnut, lemon curd, strawberry tart, mini cubes of brownie slice, rocky road, lemon slice, caramel slice, cake louise, carrot cake, cup cakes, chocolate dipping sauce with fruits and marshmellows.

245sam, Feb 23, 8:21am
lily23, re the rum balls - have a look at:- php? f=15&t=630

You'll find a real variety of sweet treats there so hopefully that "good recipe" that you're wanting is amongst that variety, and maybe some other ideas/options for you as well.

Re some savoury suggestions -
(a) vol au vents- for a great choice of filling options have a look at:- asp

(b) blinis - for Smoked Salmon & Cream Fraiche Blinis and LOTS more Savoury Party Food ideas and recipes, have a look at:- php? f=28&t=462

Hope those links and the recipes and ideas on them help and happy partying! ! :-))

lily23, Feb 23, 8:24am
Wow alewis thats amazing, can you tell me what billini is, some of your ideas are awesome thankyou will definitely pinch some of those having a housewarming on Sat night people have offered to bring nibbles and Im doin them as well prob have heaps of food

lily23, Feb 23, 8:26am
Hey thanks 245sam, havent hosted a party for so long was stressing a bit, we always have too much food, as long as we don't forget the wine Im sure it will be a good night

245sam, Feb 23, 8:31am
you're welcome lily23 - blinis are mini pikelets, authentically made with buckwheat but a good alternative is to make (or buy as suggested on the above link) 'normal' pikelets but mind that they're not too sweet though if you're going to top them with a savoury option rather than the usual jam, etc. :-))

loafer1, Feb 23, 10:07am
An easy one I like is button mushrooms upside down with stalks taken out. A squeeze of honey with a dollop of blue cheese and grill.

alewis, Sep 3, 8:46am
another easy peasy mushroom is basil pesto and pharmesian cheese upside down with the pesto and pharmesian into the oven just to heat yummo. - and I know I cant spell that cheese properly people! ! - I make billini like a piklet as stated above but put the pharmesian cheese and parsley and pepper in, tiny dash ofcaynenne pepper too brings out the cheeseyness.

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