Help... nibbles required for "Drinks & Nibbles"

sm_fritz, Sep 14, 6:39pm
Have drinks and nibbles on Friday with two women who are kitchen legends. I'm more of the open a packet and help yourself type. Ideas please of what to take to impress and amaze.

kob, Sep 14, 7:08pm
buy some sheets of frozen puff pastry, lay them flat and add bbq sauce some very finelly chopped onion and cheese and roll tight into pinwheels then chop of into rounds of about 1.5 cm place on a greased oven tray and cook at 180 oc for 15 mins, great as for this type of thing and everyone tries to find out who in the room made these goodies, of course you can change the filling but this is a never fail keeper

ferita, Sep 14, 7:08pm
You could make mini quiches with exotic fillings.
Get some puff pastry and and a muffin baking tray. Cut circles out of the puff pastry using a cup or glass. Place the circles into each muffin tray (they only need to be a little over the bottom not fill the whole muffin hole)

Make a mixture of 3 eggs beaten a good dash of cream, salt and pepper.

Then chop your filling ingredients up.
Someideas are:
Finely chopped leek or spring onions
Chopped musrhoom
Crumbled feta
Smoked Salmon
Lemon Zest
Very finely diced capsicum
fresh herbs
etc etc

Place a teaspoon of the filling ingredient into each pastry circle then add egg mixture to cover and you can also add a pinch of grated cheese if you like.

Bake at 200 until cooked (about 8 minutes)

These are quick and easy to make but look impressive

player_smurf, Sep 14, 7:52pm
Buy a packet of sausage rolls (those 5 long rolls type) slice them about 1.5cm on oven tray...put a dollop of onion marmalade or some other relish on top..sprinklle with sesame seeds and cook.These are very yummy and look great without a lot of effort!

kaysu, Sep 14, 8:15pm
Go for the easy. French loaf sliced in bite sizepieces, spread with Phildelphia Salmon Cream cheese & top with fresh salmon

carolyn20, Sep 14, 8:23pm
If you want to 'open a packet' but still impress try this.Buy an Ernst Adams rich ginger loaf, blue cheese and some dried figs. Slice the loaf into even bite sized slices (you won't need all of it - put the rest in the freezer).Top each with a slice of blue cheese and a bit of the chopped fig.

carolyn20, Sep 14, 8:39pm
I think the loaf is called Jamacian Ginger

cookessentials, Sep 14, 10:06pm
parties/weddings and gatherings thread has a heap of ideas.

sm_fritz, Sep 15, 5:58am
Thanks! Some great ideas - I know it's not rocket science but when it comes time to think of what to take I just go blank.

margyr, Sep 15, 6:29am
what ever you do whether you open packets or make things dont apologise and say " I know you could do better", they will appreciate anything you serve as long as they dont have to do it.

vintagekitty, Sep 15, 7:46am
I do drinks every week with the girls, I usually do platters with breads, dips,hummus pesto, cheeses, olives, parma ham, salami's, smoked beef, gerkins, stuffed cabbage rolls,sushi, smoked chicken,etc

I just pop everything on huge platters with nice wee bowls and garnish with wild mint, peppers or chillies and flower petals etc and it always looks fab. If I have time I will bake a cobb loaf stuffed with cheese and spinach

evorotorua, Sep 15, 6:29pm
Carolyn20 That sounds like it is right up my alley. I would probably just use an extra tasty cheddar but I know I will be stopping at the supermarket today!

evorotorua, Sep 15, 6:33pm
Actually all those ideas sound lovely and I had never thought of doing some of those little tricks like the sausage rolls with marmalade or the pinwheels. Do remember that the others might be thinking "oh my, I have drinkies on Friday night with some girls and I am no good at holding a conversation/what to wear/makeup/jokes etc!" You are all friends and I am sure you won't be judged on what you bring. Enjoy your time with friends, that's what it is all about.

michelle2249, Mar 22, 7:58am
Make a cheeseboard - easy and delish