1970's Nibbles

campmother2002, Oct 25, 11:54pm
My daughter has to organise Nibbles for a work do and the theme is 1970's.Apart from Pineapple/Cheese on toothpics, Cheerios and Tomato sauce and maybe Pickled Onions/Cheese on toothpics, Dips made with Maggi Soup - can anyone suggest anything else I may have forgotten about.Thanks

chrisynz, Oct 25, 11:59pm
asparagus rolls, butterfly cakes, mouse traps(cheese toasties) lamingtons...

chrisynz, Oct 26, 12:02am
Chocolate fondue with a variety of fruit, cheese ballswith crackers, chips and dip, vols au vent

cuteviolet, Oct 26, 12:45am
Club sandwiches, sausage rolls, savouries, truffles - still good today!

purplegoanna, Oct 26, 12:51am
devils on horsebacks!

donnabeth, Oct 26, 1:48am
cheese balls. Grate tasty and mild cheese together, add cream cheese, chopped onions,gherkins and walnuts. Mix together with a little mayonnaise to hold it together and roll in chopped nuts. Serve with Snax crackers.

bigjules1, Oct 26, 2:14am
cheese straws?Bread cases (with sweetcorn or smoked fish)

datoofairy, Oct 26, 2:27am
Definitely fondue.Maybe chocolate fondue and a cheese fondue.Can you still buy fondue sets?

beebs, Oct 26, 2:40am
yes you can, i was looking at them at the warehouse today......you can buy the chocolate fondue there too

jag5, Oct 26, 3:27am
And don't forget stuffed eggs too!!!Yolks mashed with curry powder and bit of mayo.YumLOL

slinkimalinki, Oct 26, 3:56am

noonesgirl, Oct 26, 4:40am
Brandy snaps
Choc eclairs
Cream horns

katalin2, Oct 26, 4:47am
little cubes of cheddar cheese ontoothpicks stuck all over an orange...
if you were brave, there would be a quarter of a pickled onion on the toothpick as well as the cheese!

naki45, Oct 26, 4:55am
Oyster Vol au vents

greerg, Oct 26, 5:46am
or mushroom vol au vents. Gosh I remember how sophisticated cheese balls seemed.They were often made with Chesdale cheese which I don't think you can buy now except as cheese slices.Little cheese, egg and bacon savouries were big too, and seem to be as popular now as they were then.

jag5, Oct 26, 9:04am
greerg...you can still buy Chesdale in the box, (not cheap though) bought one last week to make a cheese spread that I haven't made in years.The bought ones are so tasteless, and oh my god...this is yummy...so tasty.

campmother2002, Oct 27, 5:39am
Thanks everyone for all your ideas - it was like a trip down Memory Lane!

motorbo, Oct 27, 5:43am
i used to make my stuffed eggs with dry mustard not curry powder, and always the highlander milk mayo recipe, i used to get requests, polease we are having a get together you have to bring the stuffed eggs!!

ferita, Jun 25, 6:00pm