chicken nibbles...

tantric5, Mar 31, 4:57am
hello :-)I'm cooking some chicken nibbles for a mates work shout... they're marinating at the mo but my question is:

Do I put the sesame seeds on before I cook them, or during... or after? The marinade is sticky...


rainrain1, Mar 31, 5:04am
Before would OK as long as your heat is not too too too high :-)

tantric5, Mar 31, 5:06am
sweet. . ummmm... I was thinking around 180c? (I'm a male lol )

fisher, Dec 20, 2:41pm
tantric5. . I would toast them in a teflon frypan (no oil) . .
Just layer by shaking the pan side to side and toss over heat holding a saucepan lid over the top of them. . Just want them very light coloured. .
Sprinkle over after nibbles cooked and just before serving...