Marinade for chicken nibbles

alebix, Jan 23, 12:51pm
Hi all,

Does anyone have an easy not spicy recipe for chicken nibbles?
I do have an 8 & 6 year who wont touch anything spicy. But LURVE nibbles.

I normally use coke and garlic but am wanting a change...

Also, is the marinade suitable for any other meat?

Thank you very much

paghan, Jan 23, 7:13pm
I use, Tomoato sauce, Smoked Hickory (optional), soy sauce, garilc and Honey, and add some seame seeds, I just mix together, I dont use quanitys as such. I use only about 2 tablespoons honey

pickles7, Jan 23, 8:22pm
In the search function , on your left , Write ... pickles7... on the key word member space, and scroll down to ... anytime ... on the date posted, . You may find what you are looking for there

jessie981, Jan 23, 9:02pm
Barbeque Marinade
Medium onion
1c tomato sauce
1/2c water
2tsp salt (opt)
2tsps dry mustard
1tsp worcester sauce
1/4c br sugar
Marinate 1 hour before cooking

Nibble Marinate
1/4c br sugar
2TBSPs worcester sauce
1/4c tomato sauce
1tsp curry powder (opt)
1TBSP soya sauce
Combine 7 stir well. Leave meat/chicken covered overnight or several hours.

jan2242, Jan 23, 9:04pm
Really easy and yummy marinade. Apricot and ginger jam mixed with soy sauce. The nicest I have had yet.

tehenga288, Jan 23, 9:56pm
I use soy sce honey & garlic. Best if left a few hrs or o/night to marinate but I also have just mixed it poured over nibbles & mixed well & put in oven after only a few mins . Tastes just as nice. Also can sprinkle plain nibbles liberally with salt & pepper or whatever you fancy ( garlic pdr; herbs etc )& roast in small amount of oil, Jan 23, 10:06pm
I just use Oyster sauce (not the cheap fake stuff its not the same)
Garlic, Ginger (fresh) and 3 dashes of White pepper, and a couple of shakes of toasted sesame oil.

super yum. and sticky

eastie3, Jan 23, 10:59pm
Lemon juice, honey and soy sauce.

cgvl, Jan 23, 11:02pm
marinade I use for chicken but no reason why it couldn't be used for other meats.
1Tbsp of each of the following: Oil and Brown sugar
2Tbsps of each of the following: Soy Sauce, Sherry, and Orange Juice
1tsp salt
2-3 garlic cloves crushed
½tsp ground ginger
Mix altogether and pour over chicken.
Note: you can use fresh or crushed ginger instead of ground, use slightly more, also can replace the sherry with extra orange juice or water. I usually pour the marinade into a snap lock type bag with the meat, just find it easier to store that way.

cgvl, Jan 23, 11:06pm
The other type I use is either kiwi fruit or tamarillo, soy sauce, garlic, ginger and honey. This one is great with tough steak.
Quantities are guess work in that I add about the same as above recipe just replacing sherry and orange juice with fruit and the brown sugar with honey.

alebix, Jan 23, 11:18pm
Thank you so much for all your help.

Im going to be trying these recipes for sure.

Much appreciated.

callie2000, Jan 24, 8:13am
we use hoisin sauce , soya sauce and garlic
or soya sauce, garlic, maple syrupor honey , garlic i sometimes add some orange juice if the mixture needs more liquid
I use this on chicken nibbles, pork spare ribs yum yum

00755, Jan 25, 4:03am
1 french onion soup mix
2TBS honey
1/2 c Boiling Water

andrea1978, Jul 15, 6:06pm
soya sauce, oyster sauce, brown sugar, honey, garlic, chopped onions - put in a decent amount of each, but if you don't like it sweet don't put much brown sugar/honey in

could also put ginger in (i freeze my ginger and grate however much i need from frozen)

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