Fish marinade

debbie987, Apr 5, 2:54am
Hi. Does any one have a tasty marinade for fresh fish (blue cod or groper) Thanks

debbie987, Apr 6, 12:02am
Can any one help me please. May be some super yummy recipes for fish.

melissarosenz, Apr 6, 12:13am
What kind of marinade do you mean?

For example, there's raw fish marinade.

Chop the fish fillets into bite sized peices. Cover with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Put in the fridge for a couple of hours (the acidity in the lemon will cook the fish).

Finely chop some red onion and either red or green capsicum.

Drain most of the lemon juice off the fish. Stir the red onion and capsicum through. Add enough coconut cream to generously coat the fish. Stir through a pinch of chilli powder, and some chopped parsley (or dill, or tarragon - depending on taste).

It's one of my favourites. I don't think it would work too well with Blue Cod (from memory it's not a firm fish) and I'm not sure about Groper as have never used it before, but if it's a firm fish, this is yummy.

melissarosenz, Apr 6, 12:14am
Otherwise, you could try making a paste out of chopped dill, lemon juice and butter - brush over the fish and the bake wrapped in tin foil.

debbie987, Apr 6, 12:27am
That sounds yum thanks. What type of fish do u use for the raw marinade.

melissarosenz, Jan 4, 6:44am
I use terakihi... but any fish is fine with it (aside from very flaky fish, and I wouldn't try it with kahawai).

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