Pork chops Marinade or Sauce

julala5, Jun 15, 6:26am
Hi I was wanting to know a nice sauce or marinade for Pork chops and the best way to cook them for tomorrow night. I like the rhind crackling! Any ideas would be great. Thanks

martine5, Jun 15, 6:38am
Yes either char sui or hoi sin sauce you just pop it on (the earlier the better) and cook as per usual, I would pop the meat on tin foil as the sauce is sticky

beaumonde, Jun 15, 9:17am
If you can get hold of a bottle of Monin Chai syrup 1 Tsp per chop in a ziplock bag over night is very good as martine above says cook on tin foil

bo0tsey, Aug 8, 5:03pm
Homemade bbq; 1/4 cup white vinegar, 3/4c tomato sauce, 4tbsp sugar & dollop or 2 of sweet chilli sauce... or supermarket brand honey soy or teriyaki