Quick sauce to have with pork chops EMERGENCY!

mazzy1, May 20, 6:44am
any ideas - soya sauce, garlic ginger whatever? I thought I had gravy... ... ... ... ...

245sam, May 20, 6:50am
mazzy1, do you have any apples and sage?
I'm not a big fan of gravy so I'd opt for making a simple Sage and Apple Sauce which can be quickly made in the microwave - simply peel and slice the apples and while they're cooking, very thinly slice fresh sage leaves if you have them (otherwise I guess dried sage would suffice in which case it would be best if added to the raw or half-cooked apples). When the apples are cooked stir in the fresh sage with salt and pepper to taste, and if you wish some butter to give the sauce a smooth richness. :-))

margyr, May 20, 6:53am
how did you cook the chops? use the juices they have made, add a little water some soy sauce for colour and thicken with a little flour and water, if you have a whisk, whisk as you add the flour and water to get rid of lumps, then you have made gravy.

mazzy1, May 20, 6:57am
thanks to you both - no apples, unfortunately, but will try a little home-made gravy. much appreciated!

fisher, May 21, 1:54am
Discard any oil from the pan and use the juices and bits in the frypan with a little water over heat. . sprinkle on 2 tsp of bisto, some fine chopped fresh sage leaves and a small onion diced... cook until onion softens, add a little salt and white pepper and a knob of butter. Now add half a cup of water with cornflour mixed well through and stir well over high heat until smooth gravy consistency. .
You can serve lumpy like thisor use a stick blender to pulse all up...
Do taste test

coolthree, May 21, 2:35am
Just go and get a tin of baby apple, makes a great sauce.

gavin166, May 24, 6:05pm
Yup that's our standby.
Or mix 2/3 apricot jam with 1/3 seedy mustard, coat cooked chops, cook briefly again to caramelise.

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