Frozen pork chops

karen_gr, Apr 18, 7:30am
Just wondering if anyone can tell me if i can cook pork chops from frozen? Was considering putting them in the crockpot. Thanks.

harrislucinda, Apr 18, 8:26am
nocrock potcookingyou must thawfirstsorry

beaker59, Apr 18, 8:53am
Only issue I would have is I like to brown the meat first which is difficult if frozen otherwise shouldn't be an problem it would just take longer.

karen_gr, Apr 18, 9:47am
Ok thanks - how about in the oven? Would it be ok to adjust the cooking time a bit longer?

korbo, Apr 18, 6:56pm
yep, i have cooked pork chops from frozen in the oven, tempa bit lower, then bump up. .

hotandcold13, Apr 18, 9:33pm
Why is that? I sometimes use frozen Food in my crock pot and nothing has happened.

harrislucinda, Feb 13, 5:53am
notsurewhyjustasbook saysmaybetakeslonger thatall

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