Crockpot pork chops turned out dry - why?

chynna2, Jun 9, 11:35am
I used the Maggi Honey Pork Chops in Crockpot sachet. The packet said to cook on low for 8 hours, however I cooked on high for 1 hour, then low for 4 hours! I turned them several times during cooking. I have a large crockpot and used only 1/4 cup water to 1 sachet (as instructed) - so maybe it is a lack of liquid as the chops weren't completely covered at the start of cooking?

The pork chops weren't succulent and juicy, more on the dry side and a little tough.

Please help me see where I went wrong with these...

margyr, Jun 9, 6:50pm
each time you lift the lid you add another 20 mins cooking time to things, so you did not cook anywhere near as long as the instructions said. Also what cut of chop were they? I always find pork loin chops to be abit dry and tough although have not done them in crockpot. Try it again but go by the instructions on your packet and dont turn them so much, just once.

chynna2, Jun 9, 10:52pm
oh, thanks margyr. I never realised that lifting the lid adds time onto the cooking. I am still quite a novice at crockpot cooking, so am learning all the time about it via my failures LOL!

I did use pork loin chops, so next time I will try shoulder chops and see if that makes a difference.

fisher, Jun 10, 3:17am
Use cheaper cuts ofmeats in your crockpot whether it be beef for stews, lamb neck chops and pork shoulder chops... they tend to produce far better results than cuts more desirable for pan frying or grilling. . use a relevant stock vege, beef, chicken rather than water... andonce the ingredients are placed inside, fill till just above the food level... Crockpots work on heat and steam and its desirable to leave the lid on as much as possible. . the condensation will keep the liquid level just above the food level. . If your crockpot is circular with a glass lid, you can "gently" spin the lid to make the condensation drop off to view inside. . of course this cant be done with an oval crockpot. . Make bouquet garni using a twist tie and the plastic stripped off with scissors and relevant herbs tied up for easy removal later... sage for pork. . tarragon for chicken. . rosemary with beef. . sage with any tomato type dishes. . mint or thyme with lamb. . so these basic herbs are good to have a herb garden to enhance your cooking... Bay and Parsley can be used in soups, stews, meat, seafood and vegetable dishes. . so very versatile...

chynna2, Jun 10, 4:16am
Thanks fisher - that is awesome advice. You are right about the cheaper cuts of meat. I have bought loin pork chops as we usually bbq them (still in summer holiday mode HAHA! ). I will try again using your tips. I've got an oval crockpot, so will have to resist the tempation to look in on how things are going LOL!

fisher, Jun 10, 12:32pm
"sage with any tomato type dishes. "have no idea why I typed sage. . where it should be. . "Basil" with any tomato type dishes...

Chynna2. . for want of repeating myself over from other posts. . you can make your own base vege stock when preparing a meal... some water in a saucepan. . tsp of salt. . some peppercorns and a couple of bay leaves. . Now add all your peelings from your carrots, kumura, swede, potatoes, and then any cabbage, onion, celery tops and outer peelings and wizened veges you may have in the fridge, chopped up and added to the pot... Lid on and boil adding a little more water half way through the 40 or so mins... Strain this off and you have your own vege stock. . discard the peelings. .
For chicken or beef stock, just add the required oxo cube... Don't use leek tops as it tends to overpower the flavour somewhat. .
Now I use a LOT of stock so rotate and make this every time I peel any veges and use oldest first... Great for soups and also stews . and adding to the crockpot on those cold days with browned off chops and cubed veges... hmmmm

bambi08, Jun 11, 8:09am
haha yes dont take the lid off until ready. My friends come over and take the lid off my slow cooker 2 smell the food, it is sooo annoying! ! !

chynna2, Jul 27, 2:58am
Thanks again fisher - you are such a awesome cook - I'd love you to come and cook for me, even if it was only twice a week LOL!

I'm not very confident when cooking, and don't try new things as a result. I can't even remember how to make blueberry muffins off by heart even though I must have made them at least 25 times now!

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