Easy steak marinade???

camlamb1, Feb 17, 9:53pm
I have some peppercorns, or has anyone any ideas on what I could use.

brynn06, Feb 17, 10:48pm
Easiest and very tasty. Oil, worcester sauce, soy sauce and crushed or finely chopped garlic.

susieq9, Feb 18, 1:40am
To the above recipe I would also add a squished up kiwifruit for tenderising. Maybe a little white wine as well.

darlingmole, Feb 18, 1:55am
Chef I knew use to use: soya sauce, crushed garlic, ground black pepper/salt and a pinch of star anise ... thought it wouldn't taste nice but I was pleasantly mistaken!

fisher, Feb 18, 2:08am
worcestishire sauce drizzled over... fine chopped garlic all over... ground black pepper... salt just before cooking... (NO SOY)Cover and leave OUT of fridge... . let it rest after cooking... .

camlamb1, Feb 18, 6:00am
ooooooooh, thanks, writing like crazy. Just got some home kill in and sadly the BBQ steak is absolutly tasteless. Trying Brynn06 first will keep posted as I try each one. again Thanks

steve1262, Feb 18, 6:31am
marinate steak over night with crushed green kiwifruit comes out like fillet steak so tender try it

uli, Feb 18, 6:32am
Chefs I know would never use anything "wet" on their steaksLOL :)
Just pat them dry and sear in very hot olive oil, then cover and let rest to the "pink" stage ...

camlamb1, Feb 18, 6:57pm
Hi all me again. Just to be a pain, does any one have a recipe for marinated steak without garlic? ? thanks

winnie231, Feb 18, 8:33pm
camlamb1 - just leave the garlic out if you don't like it.
For more ideas ... have a look at this website - it is made by one of the reg foodie members here:

winnie231, Feb 18, 8:46pm
Also have a look here:
http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=25&t=423

camlamb1, Feb 19, 3:58am
Thanks winnie. thats great. By the way, I love garlic, just got a lot of tastless homekill BBQ steak and looking for new Ideas. I cook on top of a megarad and can make heaps of yummy stews and cassaroles but it is way to hot at the mo so tending to stirfry or BBQ, which I have never really done to often. Whole family is very impressed with brynn marinade by the way. thanks

camlamb1, Feb 19, 3:59am
Looking forward to doing this one.

fisher, Feb 19, 4:56am
I just use winnie231 garlic sauce now... pour it over, turn it over, pour some more. . walk away. .

winnie231, Feb 19, 5:10am
Like it fisher!
I just did hogget shanks yesterday using exactly that method ... then cooked at 120C for 4hrs - scrumptious! ! !

donkat, Aug 21, 7:19am
YummY yummy Marinade! ! 2Tbls tomato sauce, 2tbls worchester sauce, 2tbls cooking oil, 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp garlic granules (or garlic stock), mix together. Marinade for minimum 1 hour for best results, even better overnight! ! works on all kinds of meats, kids especially love it! , Super great on Venison. Easy Peasy & you don't have to buy anything special to make it.