Xmas morning Nibbles?

bev00, Oct 4, 9:32am
Try this. Drizzle Camembert with balsamic vinegar and put slots all over top and poke in sprigs of garlic with your herb choice, rosemary or tarragon bake for about 15 mins in hot oven. Serve with crostini. I don't eat it at all but people follow you around at a party wanting more!

pedro040 (159 159 positive feedback) 10:55 pm, Fri 3 Oct #8

illusion_, Oct 5, 1:41am
now you can forget going to the restaurant

too full

twindizzy, Oct 5, 1:44am

molly37, Dec 14, 11:22pm
Dont plan on having breakfast as we are going out for Xmas Lunch to a restaurant. However our adult children will be home prior for the usual gift thing and I need some ideas for some easy finger foods to nibble on. I'll do the usual choccies etc, but maybe something a little more substantial that will take zero effort. (i havent been well), and I'm keen to buy it fresh the day before and maybe warm or prepare. I was thinking a platter of pastries to have with coffee? And were would be a good place to purchase these? All and any ideas welcome.

rainrain1, Dec 15, 12:24am

awoftam, Dec 15, 12:27am
Molly is you have a Nosh shop near you or one similar they will sell pastries that you simply need to reheat - croissants, danish etc and they are beautiful. With some fruit and maybe a bit of thinly sliced cheese and some ham (for those that like savory) you should have all bases covered.

nzhel, Dec 15, 12:49am
You could get a packet or two of those little heat and eat rolls that are in the bread area of supermarkets, they are nice heated with a little butter even a quickly made flavoured butter with herbs and spring onions would be nice to put on them and people can do their own. Or some small rolls and ham and cheese as awoftam says so everyone can help themselves, perhaps crackers with pate and a couple of different cheeses and a fresh fruit salad is always nice. You could cut up some fresh fruits and even add a tin of fruit salad to 'pad it out'. A bowl of mixed nuts, orange or say grape juice and some crackers on the table would give a Xmasy feel. I'm sure your children will understand if you haven't been well.

theadorina, Dec 15, 12:54am
How about they all bring a plate of nibbles to share? my family do, makes it so much easier.

molly37, Dec 15, 1:16am
Thanks lovely people, we do have a Nosh and Farro so I will have a wee look. Baby rolls with ham off the bone! ideal, and a yummy plate of cherries and fresh fruit. Perfect.

sarahb5, Dec 16, 9:52am
Croissant with ham and cheese or ricotta and strawberries

molly37, Dec 16, 2:55pm
Funnily I just thought of that today. They always go down well. Spoilt for choice now. thanks

bedazzledjewels, Dec 16, 5:54pm
Devils on horseback and mini croissants filled with something savoury like asparagus and ham. Fruit kebabs.

sarahb5, Sep 18, 10:10am
Mini pikelets with smoked salmon and horseradish or cream cheese

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