SPINACH, If a recipe says 300g frozen

lindar, Sep 14, 10:21pm
and I want to use fresh, do I still use 300g???Suspect that 300g frozen spinach is less spinach than 300g fresh spinach due to the icicle content. what do you think?

kay141, Sep 14, 10:35pm
I suspect 300g frozen is more spinach due to the shrinkage when cooked.

245sam, Sep 14, 10:44pm
lindar, the short answer to your question is 'no'.
I use a spinach quiche recipe that states "1 x 130g bag of spinach" (i.e. fresh spinach) which is very lightly cooked and well-drained before it is included in the quiche mixture.
As a matter of interest, one day, I weighed the freshly cooked spinach and found that1 x 130g bag of spinach yields 65g cooked and well-drained spinach.I keep some frozen spinach (which is precooked) in the freezer so for that reason I now usually take a guess as to how many cubes of the frozen spinach to take from the freezer, allow it to thaw and drain well, and then weigh it for that recipe so that I have the required 65g cooked and well-drained spinach.

I suggest that to get the equivalent of 300g frozen spinach you would need LOTS of fresh spinach - maybe 600g, if not more.

Hope that helps.:-))

davidt4, Sep 14, 11:17pm
As a rule of thumb you will need twice the weight of raw spinach leaves to make the weight of well drained cooked spinach.Discard large coarse stems but use the small and tender ones.

lindar, Sep 15, 12:55am
AHA!Now that makes sense, did not consider the shrinkage on cooking.back to the garden. thanks.What a great tool this message board is!

lindar, Sep 15, 12:57am
One more question. If adding to lasagne with ricotta will I need to slightly cook it first before adding to the ricotta?

245sam, Mar 19, 9:08pm
lindar, I can't advise from personal experience re the spinach for lasagne but if your recipe states frozen spinach then IMO the fresh spinach should be lightly cooked before using it for the lasagne because the frozen spinach IS pre-cooked.:-))