Oven bag in a slow cooker?

az-em, Sep 12, 7:05am
Hello - has anyone cooked a chicken in an oven bag in the slow cooker?? or is that just a waste of an oven bag??

littlelegend, Sep 12, 7:12am
waste I think! They're really easy to clean, just leave them to soak while you eat.

cottagerose, Sep 12, 8:04am
This could be a good idea so the chicken doesnt end up water logged.
Im going to try it next time I cook a chicken in the crockpot
Im going to throw in kumera and some pineapple in the bag too

fifie, Sep 12, 11:45pm
Lots of people use a oven bag in the slow cooker, less washing up lol.Cottagerose if your doing a chook in your S/cooker put a upturned saucer or bread and butter plate in the bottom of cooker then sit your chook on this, keeps it up and out of the juices, chicken is nice done this way. Never done it in a oven bag before but can't see why it won't work....

lythande1, Sep 13, 12:39am
You can't - the booklet specifically says do not use oven bags.

spongeypud, Sep 13, 9:41pm
I always use an oven bag in my slow cooker it's great (maybe not so great for chicken though), there's not a lot of washing up to do afterwards and a bag isnt as heavy to lift as the inside of the crock for those who have trouble with their hands.

jaybee6, Oct 6, 8:45am
I use a bag everytime for every thing. Great tender outcome and very moist.

uli, Oct 6, 9:03am
You have been outvoted - Never mind LOL ...

fisher, Oct 6, 9:37am

cottagerose, Oct 7, 8:15am
I tried the bag with the pineapple and kumera and wasnt that keen (Ive done that way on oven and was lovely) so will try the saucer/trivet next time

earthangel4, Oct 7, 9:10am
Yes I used a bag the other day and mine turned out tender and moist,DH wanted a second helping.

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