Beef Jus recipes please?

michelle2249, Feb 22, 11:57pm
Hi - you know when you got to a high quality restaurant and they serve delicious beef jus with steak or beef wellington - can anyone please sell me how they get the delicious rich and glossy jus? ? ?

valentino, Feb 23, 12:59am
In Beef Wellingtons, the eye fillets are firstly seared on all sides about 30 seconds each side including edges.

Then in the final stage of cooking (parcel complete form) are then baked in an oven 180c for about 12 to 14 minutes for rare to 18 minutes for medium rare and longer if so desired.

Most restaurants will do them about 13 minutes unless otherwise requested.

dezzie, Feb 23, 1:08am
as far as I know jus is just very reduced stock.
Most restaurants buy it, Maggi I think makes it.

valentino, Feb 23, 1:29am
OOOOps, re Jus... . Looked at the glossy part of post and not the main reason. . Jus ! ! !

It is made from a little bit of beef fat mixed with some beef stock with a touch of a liitle carrot and-or celery grated, seasoned into a very thin gravy type sauce.

michelle2249, Feb 23, 2:28am
Thanks very much

bedazzledjewels, Feb 23, 3:55am
So a jus is thickened with flour or similar? I take it that it's different to a reduction?

indy95, Feb 23, 9:04pm
Bedazzled, if I've got this wrong I'm sure someone will let me know very smartly but as far I know jus is just a reduction of cooking juices with maybe a little wine and seasoning added. It is reduced until slightly " syrupy " and then a dollop of butter can be added to produce a glossy finish.

245sam, Feb 23, 9:14pm
My understanding is basically the same as yours indy95 i. e. a jus is a light reduction of the cooking juices while if those cooking juices are thickened with "flour or similar" the juices then become a 'gravy'.

indy95, Feb 23, 9:20pm
Good morning 245sam, it will be interesting to see whether we get any reaction.

vtired, Feb 23, 9:21pm
It is the butter that gives the jus its glossy apperance, you are correct indy95 and 245sam, and yes it is a reduction of cooking juices with wine etc added.

indy95, Feb 23, 9:28pm
Hooray ! ! ! I knew all those hours spent watching TV cooking programmes would prove worthwhile sooner or later.

valentino, Feb 23, 9:59pm
Yeah, should not had used the word gravy, Reduce liquid is the correct term, has no flour or any thickener in it.

And most does use butter, red wine, olive oil and some add beef stock.

The one, one noted above also works, the veges noted just gives it a nice touch when one does not have wine and beef fat is used instead of butter to give a more beefy flavour.


bedazzledjewels, Sep 4, 12:13am
Perfect! Thanks everyone.

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