How to make home made sushi

feebee10, Aug 20, 8:41am
wanting to try it, have seaweed, mat and sushi rice, and fillings, how do you make yours?

uli, Aug 20, 8:50am
Cook rice, add sushi vinegar (which is just vinegar and sugar), mix several times until cooled enough.

Meanwhile decide on the fillings. I use salmon, avocado, eggs, pickled gherkins and tuna with mayo and spring onion.

Wet the mat, lay the seaweed sheet down on the mat, add a layer of rice, the filling in a strip down the middle and then roll it all together.

Put the roll onto a plate and into the fridge. Leave until dinner time - take out and cut into slices and serve with dipping sauce (vinegar and soy sauce) and some pickled ginger if you have it. Some people love to have some wasabi with it.

If you have never done it - then a you-tube video might help :)

Good luck! :)

feebee10, Aug 20, 9:02am
thanks uli

seb28, Aug 20, 9:14am
I love the typical california roll of smoked or fresh salmon, cream cheese and avocado.

I also love finely shredded chicken or tuna in mayo, lettuce and red pepper (looks gorgeous too colour wise)

uli, Aug 20, 9:19am
I think the California roll is inside out - isn't it?
Seaweed inside and rice outside ...

feebee10, Feb 11, 12:53pm
can you use any mayo or is it a special kind and is the there an right way up for the seaweed?