How to make a hamburger patty?

2xpetes, Oct 9, 11:49pm
Making home made burgers. Want to save money by making our own patties. How do we make them for four people?

davidt4, Oct 10, 12:25am
Use top quality freshly minced beef, 150 - 200g per person.Shape gently into patties (between two clean plastic bags is easier), chill for a few hours.

There is no need to add anything, but if you are using very lean beef then try cooking a finely chopped onion in olive oil or butter until soft, cook completely and combine with beef before shaping.

willman, Oct 10, 2:02am
davidt4 has it down to pat,so to speak.All I do,more,is to add a pkt of dried onion soup powder to the mince and mix well.

davidt4, Oct 10, 2:18am
Sorry - typo.I meant "cool completely", not "cook completely".

majurti, Oct 10, 2:21am
When I make ours I usually make them in bulk (1Kilo or more of mince beef).To this I add onion, grated carrot, couple of eggs ,parsley,mixed herbs, sauces such as chilli,tomato, worchester and rolled oats.I mix it well then put it through the food processor in batches to make a finer product.Very handy to have in the freezer for the bbq.

mallee, Oct 10, 2:23am
Rolled oates, rather than breadcrumbs??

majurti, Oct 10, 2:31am
yep the rolled oats work really well.started using oats cause lazy me couldnt be bothered making bread crumbs. adds more fibre as well

margyr, Oct 10, 3:53am
If you make them the day before or in the morning I have used just about the same amount of rolled oats as mince, added onion, egg, relish, a little curry powder, worchester sauce, tomato sauce, make the mixture quite sloppy mix all around and after an hour or 2 make your patties, the rolled oats swell and absorb the flavours, no one will even know they are in the mix and they double the mix, makes the meat go heaps further.

2xpetes, Oct 10, 3:56am

davidt4, Oct 10, 5:06am
I can't speak for the patties with all the additions, but for plain beefy ones give them about two minutes each side in a very hot pan (or on a hot barbecue).They should still be slightly pink inside.

greerg, May 20, 6:56pm
I like a small amount of dried mixed herbs if I'm in a hurry(or better still a chopped mixture of fresh parsley, sage and thyme) and a little finely diced onion.I add an egg and a few tablespoons of breadcrumbs or of rolled oats that I have made finer in the food processor.