babytears, Feb 12, 1:49am
What meats have you tried in yours?

wingee, Feb 12, 4:17am
smoked salmon, plus tuna mixed with mayo

letitia, Feb 12, 5:12am
Plain or smoked chicken is also nice.

uli, Feb 12, 6:00am
There are no "meats" as such in sushi LOL :)
Normally it is tuna or salmon with variations on the theme.

indigojo, Feb 12, 6:57am
I use tuna or leftover roast chicken - kiwi style here...

norton, Feb 13, 12:02am
My friend does a lovely smoked eel - Yumm

jons11, Feb 13, 6:36am
The shop I go to has one that is like a meat patties, it's really yum.

doug57, Feb 13, 7:01am
Japanese food at Malls all have smoked chicken and teryaki [sp? ] chicken. . as well as tuna, salmon etc

The chicken ones are what all the kids *love*

goldgurl, Aug 8, 5:45pm
Don't really care what 'sushi' translates to into english, but when we kiwis think sushi, we generally think 'anything' in/on small rice parcels... every single sushi bar i have been to... in a restaurant or fast food mall stand, have sushi with tuna, teriiyaki chicken, beef (as the poster above me as said)...

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