How to make white chocolate icing?

gardie, Nov 19, 3:41am
You could turn it into a ganache by heating cream and then popping in the chocolate to melt then leaving till a spreading consistency.Equal quantities in general but I tend to pop a little extra chocolate in to make sure it sets.(eg. 300ml cream - 3oog chocolate)

tortenz, Nov 19, 3:51am
Even better than cream with white chocolate: sour cream.I have a recipe with my white chocolate mud cake

Or you could make a buttercream and combine with melted white choc.Actually, once I made it with white chocolate spread... was ok.

liamjosh, Nov 19, 4:55am
Soften white chocolate and stir until no lumps, add to a carton of sour cream and mix..... yummy.

lisa2211, Aug 18, 12:44pm
how long will the sourcream icing keep on cake without being in fridge?