The best chocolate icing recipe needed :o)

lisa7, Feb 12, 10:29pm
Hi there, looking for ideas, recipes, for your best ever true and tried chocolate icing. It's for a banana cake, thanks.

kdan017, Feb 12, 10:40pm
Haha I came on here wondering the same thing, my cake is in the oven now! Might just do a choc buttercream if nothing else comes up.

kdan017, Feb 12, 11:08pm
I used this recipe if you're still looking :) au/recipe/Chocolate-Glace-Icing-L

jmonster, Feb 12, 11:28pm
Hi I iced a Banana cake with this the other day, was v v popular.

1/2 cup softened butter ( not melted as this changes the texture)
2 cups icing sugar ( approx)
2-4 Tbsp Cocoa ( depending how chocolatey you want it)
1 tbsp milk
Vanilla Essence if desired

Using a whisk, cream your butter until light and airy.
Beat in icing sugar, still using whisk. it may start to look like breadcrumbs but perserve!
Add cocoa, keep beating and then finally milk and essence to get a spreading consistency.
This icing is light and fluffy with a lovely texture.

glendeb, Feb 13, 12:39am
I personally think you can't go past a ganache!

My method:Melt 25gms of butter, add dark chocolate chips (about 1/4 - 1/2 cup), stir quickly until chips are melted. Pour over cake, refridgerate and the ganache will have set, without becoming rock hard. YUM!

fruitluva2, Feb 13, 1:06am
Yay more good icing recipes and Kdan017 can you share your chocolate buttercream please?

lisa7, Feb 13, 5:50am
Thanks! has anyone tried the sourcream/chocolate bar icing? What does it taste like?

pamellie, Feb 13, 6:27am
This is the only one I ever make anymore. Melt one cup of chocolate chips and then add 1/2 cup sour cream. It's so yummy. We had to make ordinary icing for a banana cake the other day and it just wasn't the same! (It 's also great as a sauce for ice cream or dipping fruit, marshmallows etc).

lisa7, Feb 13, 8:07am
Thanks, great to hear feedback, does it set? ? I was wanting to pipe on top of it as well.

ferulz, Feb 13, 8:19am
Boil one pottle of Thickened cream then take off the heat and add a packet of nestles dark chocolate buttons and stir in. Best and tasiest choc icing. You can either pour it on the cake like a glaze or you can let it cool and the whip it with a beater to make it like an icing. But my favourite icing for banana cake is cream cheese icing with a bit of vanilla essence mixed in. yum.

ferulz, Feb 13, 8:22am
You can use the whipped choc icing for piping. I did a large choc cake the other day using that icing and it came out perfect and everyone was asking for the icing recipe.

bubbaluggs, Sep 24, 10:09am
going to try this one :-) thanks