wanted a nice chocolate icing PLEASE!!!

bellaclare, Apr 1, 8:19am
not to sweet ... . have yet to find one THANKS people ...

glendeb, Apr 1, 8:35am
What about dark chocolate ganache? Not too sweet, but still delicious!

There are two methods: (sorry I don't have measured amounts as I just throw it in! )

Meltbutter, let bubble then remove from heat and add in chopped dark chocolate. Stir briskly until melted - may need to VERY briefly put back on heat, leave to cool a little and thicken. Stir and then pour over cake.

Or, heat cream in a pot, when boiling add in chopped dark chocolate, remove from heat and stir briskly. Leave to cool a little and thicken. Stir and then pour over cake.

You could google for the exact amounts.

bellaclare, Apr 1, 8:43am
thanks for that ... . .

barloo, Apr 1, 8:47am
rub soft (not melted) butter into icing sugar till it looks like breadcrumbs.

Chocolate. Stir in cocoa and a bit of water and bet for 5 mins till light and fluffy

Lemon. add fresh lemon jucie and zest(zest can be added ontop of icing) and bet for 5 mins or till light and fluffy.

This doesn't have that overly sugary taste to it, so its a nice one:) IF it does, you haven't added enough butter! !

bellaclare, Dec 24, 1:03am
thanks for that ...

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