HELP! White chocolate icing recipe

jaebee, Dec 2, 2:44am
HELP someone! I'm making a cake for my son's first birthday and am making a gorgeous gooey chocolate cake and want to ice it with white chocolate but cant find a good recipe.I guess the basics is white choc drops, butter & icing sugar but to what quantities and I'd also like to colour it so I can write on it etc .... any ideas?!

rosathemad, Dec 2, 2:58am
I would make ganache - just use white chocolate instead of milk and dark. You can also make chocolate buttercream but I think ganache is much nicer. My recipe is here - will work fine with white choc. :-)

jaebee, Dec 2, 6:40am
mmm, they both sound wonderful.Can you colour either of these? I've heard ganache's dont colour well? Is that true??

rosathemad, Sep 23, 9:58am
Ganache made with milk or dark chocolate wouldn't take colour well because it's brown, and I would tend to prefer powder colour, but gel or a small amount of liquid colour should work too - just not too much. If you want a deep colour I'd recommend trying to find powder colour. :-)