Perfect Cream cheese icing recipe

marcs, May 12, 7:10am
I have seen a few posts about cream cheese icing not turning out right. I have finally figured it out how not to have runny icing. Add castor sugar instead of icing sugar. I used 250g of cream cheese, about 1/2 - 3/4 cup castor sugar. Rind and juice of half lemon and 50 g soft butter. I added it all together and beat it with my mixer. The sugar dissolves because of the liquid in the cream cheese and lemon juice. Had to scrape the bowl a few times. If you want it a bit more runny add more lemon or a little water to soften. Beat till soft and fluffy.

I have been looking for icing that tastes like cream cheese icing ie you can taste the cream cheese and sugar and lemon instead of just sugar. I got the idea while making cheesecake yesterday and I tried it today. It consistancy came out just the way I wanted it. Firm yet light and flavoursome.

deus701, May 12, 8:36am
I used this one:

105g Cream Cheese (softened)
90g Butter (softened)
190g Icing Sugar
1tbsp Lemon Juice.

I don't like using castor sugar as it gives a gritty texture

dian2, May 12, 10:45am
Not if it's creamed with the other ingredients. .


marcs, May 12, 1:22pm
I creamed all mine together and beat it really well. No grits in it at all because the liquid in the cream cheese the butter and lemon juice dissovle all the sugar. I find that when I use icing sugar the cream cheese becomes runny and the only way to fix it is by adding more icing sugar. In th end there is only icing sugar flavour and you can't taste any of the other ingredients. Not good if you have to produce restaurant quality cakes with icing.

paghan, May 13, 1:50am
I made this today and you are so right, it is perfect, you get the taste without all the icing sugar taste. I used 1/2 c castor sugar. i made a cake for my neighbour who dosent have a very sweet tooth, so I thought I would add less then more if needed, but I didnt.

There was no "gritty" bits at all, it is perfect and now safley added to my cook book.

Thanks so much for sharing. :)

redrose, May 13, 5:51am
would this icing be thick enough for piping.

marcs, May 13, 6:52am
Yes redrose it is thick enough to pipe. I would add little lemon juice at a time just to get the consistancy you want.

babytears, May 13, 7:04am
YEY... . that's so cool... I'll try that next time I make it! Thanks~!

redrose, May 13, 8:07am
Thanks , have tobuy me a icing set, daughter gave me money for mothers day. Trying to decide what sort to buy. never used one. Any suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you.

marcs, May 13, 1:41pm
I prefer piping bags with different nozzels. It just depends on what you prefer to use.

redrose, May 13, 7:46pm
I think I will go with piping bags, Iv'e heard that they are better. I had once one of those other ones, and it and me didn't mix. lol

marcs, May 14, 1:49pm
Made the icing again today for the carrot cake. It turns out good. Redrose definately get piping bags. They don't have to be bigs one but get a couple of them. They do come in handy when you have a couple of different coloured icing.

redrose, May 2, 12:14pm
will do Marcs