Firm cream cheese icing

marcs, Mar 24, 11:09am
How do you make a firm cream cheese icing. I have been making it with creamcheese, a squeeze of lemon juice and icing sugar. I don't add too much icing sugar and I like to taste the tartness but I find it is too googy. Other than adding more icing sugar to it how else can I make it firm.

245sam, Mar 24, 7:21pm
marcs, I'm sure I've seen some cream cheese icing recipes with a relatively small quantity of butter in them. IMO that would help to make the icing firmer. :-))

margyr, Mar 24, 7:57pm
never put butter in my cream cheese icing, and i love it fluffy and velvety, perhaps marcs put less cream cheese and as you say more icing sugar if you want a firm one.

lizab, Dec 2, 4:45pm
put it in the fridge :)