Cream Cheese Icing

sunflower18, Sep 12, 7:27pm
The last couple of times I have made cream cheese icing (cream cheese and icing sugar) it has gone all runny and not nice like it used to - all sort of fluffy and creamy and quite firm.
I used Country Goodness Original, not lite.Can anyone please suggest a possible solution to my problem?:)TIA

chicco2, Sep 13, 5:18am
Make your icing a couple of hours before you need it and refridgerate until as firm as you want. The creamcheese should return to its more solid form when chilled. Also, dont soften it before mixing, just let it come to room temp or soften a little.

sunflower18, Sep 13, 9:11am
Many thanks for that advice, will give it a go next time.

marcs, Sep 14, 12:31am
make this one it won't be runny. Makes a lot so may want to halve your recipe. 500g cream cheese, 3/4 cup castor sugar, 50g soft butter, Juice of one lemon and zest.

Beat the cream cheese and sugar till very soft and no lumps. Make sure you scrape your bowl a few times. Add butter and beat it in. Add juice and zest (or vanilla). Adjust the sweetness if you need to.

I find adding icing sugar makes the icing too runny.

sunflower18, Sep 14, 5:18am
Thanks Marcs.Do you beat with just a wooden spoon or electric beater please?
The way with icing sugar, it is such a puzzle to me. Used to successfully make it for years, then never made it for a long time and now it is all runny, wierd!

babytears, Sep 14, 6:42am
I've used different brands of cream cheese and the only one that doesn't turn runny is Tararua... turns out nice and thick and fluffy!

marcs, Mar 19, 8:55am
Sorry I worked all day so did not get a chance to reply. I use a electric beater to beat the cream cheese till smooth.

I make it at a restaurant and the icing sugar icing is too runny and I don't have the time to wait around for it to chill to use it. I got the idea while making cheesecake and it works every time. You can even pipe it. I would adjust the sugar quantity as some like it sweet and some like it not so sweet.