How to make awesome cream cheese icing for carrot

linster, Aug 28, 2:55am
cake. like rocket kitchen style - nice and thick!

jessie981, Aug 28, 4:12am
Check out the lefthand message board & under keyword enter cream cheese icing. Under date posted put last year. Plenty to chose from.

sarahj1, Aug 28, 4:18am
just don't use spreadable or light cream cheese - they go runny

babytears, Aug 28, 5:33am
Also, I have found over the years not to use anything but Tararua or Philly cream cheese, I'm not sure if it's just me but the other brands go runny

vintagekitty, Aug 28, 5:38am
I love cream cheese icing and always ice it twice, letting it set between layers

marcs, Aug 28, 11:52am
Use normal cream cheese (250g) and add 2/3 cup castor sugar. Beat till nice and fluffy. Add 50g soft butter, some lemon zest and lemon juice (or vanilla instead of Lemon). beat till nice and soft and fluffy. I find adding icing sugar to cream cheese makes it too runny to pipe so I add castor sugar. The sugar does dissolve but leaves a firm enough icing. Also I find adding icing sugar makes it too sweet and you can't taste the cream cheese.

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mlrsi7sp, Jul 15, 7:07pm
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