Best chocolate icing please...

rayna4, Aug 13, 9:19am
Any one got a realy yummy chocolate icing recipe?

ribzuba, Aug 13, 10:49am
ganache, two parts chocolate two one part cream, boil cream and stir in chocolate, when its just firm spread it on the cake and smooth it on the top and sides, let it sit then melt the rest of the ganache and pour it over and you get a perfect shiny icing

gardie, Aug 13, 10:51am
For everyday (but nice) icing. Melt about 50 grams butter in microwave then immediately add a heaped tsp cocoa and stir till dissolved. Add in icing sugar - about 1 1/2 - 2 cups, start mixing then add boiling water a little at a time to get the right consistency.

pickles7, Aug 13, 11:20am
a little vanilla is nice, I also use milk to mix my icings. .

greerg, Aug 13, 10:00pm
An everyday butter icing like Gardies is even nicer if you have a little dark chocolate left over from something else. I just melt it with the butter - needs a bit less water.

lynja, Aug 13, 10:30pm
i have started using butter and chocolate chips melted together - about 2 tbsp butter and 1/2 cup chocolate chips, then mix with icing sugar and hot water to the correct consistancy. makes a really nice firm icing.

rainrain1, Aug 13, 11:41pm
Adding a few drops of lemon ess to chocolate icing is nice for a change

wildflower, Jan 23, 5:03pm
I find the cream/choc one really rich but I did melted choc once and bulked it up with icing sugar and it worked well without being sickly.