Recipe for Pure Chocolate Icing

nova40, Dec 6, 8:23pm
Hope someone can help me with a pure rich Chocolate Icing????Got a beautiful Mud Cake and want pure chocolate but not sure if you have to mix with anything else.Thanks

245sam, Dec 6, 8:28pm
nova40, IMO you're wanting/needing to make a ganache.Here's the recipe I use.....

Melt 125g dark chocolate with ½ cup cream in the microwave for 1 minute.Stir to combine, cool a little and then pour over the cake and smooth out.

There is another chocolate icing that you might like to consider - it's made with sour cream instead of the fresh cream.To find the recipe for that try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using e.g. chocolate icing as the Keywords and Anytime as the Date posted option.

Hope that helps.:-))

nova40, Dec 6, 8:31pm
Thanks so much, you Chocolate ganache is this quiet runny or does it thicken up??

245sam, Dec 6, 8:43pm
The chocolate ganache, when first made is quite runny (it can be used as a very yummy chocolate sauce) which is why the recipe states to let it "cool a little" but it definitely does thicken up and is a lovely icing - I allow the ganache to thicken up until it is sufficiently thick that it won't run off the cake.:-))

nova40, Dec 6, 9:03pm
Thanks so much I will try this one out.... and let it cool before putting on cake... I suppose you could use this also in the Chocolate Fountain's for dipping...

maryteatowel1, Dec 6, 9:10pm
...if you have no cream, i find kremelta works well...i grate about a tablespoon onto about 1/2 cup chocolate chips...put in the microwave for 15 sec...give a good mix...then in again for another 15 sec...then more as needed....usually i find less is better in the microwave...the kremelta melts faster than the chocolate and helps melt it gives the surface of the chocolate icing a much more stable and firm finish...especially in this heat...

rosathemad, Oct 3, 6:48am
Ganache will taste good regardless of how you make it but sets better if you are careful not to heat the cream too much - make sure the cream only just reaches the boil (I prefer to do this in a saucepan as it's easier to control, but you can microwave) before added the chocolate, then you just need to stir for a while to melt it, adding a tiny bit of heat only if it stubbornly refuses to melt. It's all very technical but the molecules in the chocolate break down if it gets too hot - I made the ganache for years as above and wondered why sometimes it didn't set very well, turns out every so often it just got too hot. :-) Sorry if that's too much info - turned into a bit of a ramble, didn't it? Anyway, it'll taste delicious, ganache is amazing (and a little less cream to chocolate and you can roll truffles with it, add flavours to suit etc).