Recipe for raw fish?

edkemper, Aug 19, 1:04am
Im seriously craving it can someone help? Thanks

beaker59, Aug 19, 1:26am
Very simple to make raw fish and there are many many possible combinations.
Fish can be almost anything though the best are Trevelly, Tuna, Snapper Kingie Kahawai Salmon trout etc (just my Opinion many will suggest other fish just as good) Fish should be fresh and firm and in excellent condition.

Cut 1/2 Kg of skinned and boned fish into bite sized cubes and place in a bowl with plenty of fresh squeezed lemon juice put in fridge for anywhere from 1/2 hour to a day depending on taste. (normally I only do an hour or two)

finely chop an onion and a Tomato and a good bunch of corriander and a fresh red chilli deseeded (cut the chilli very finely, leave it out if its not to your taste).

Tip Excess lemon juice from the fish add the diced onion tomato corriader etc and a tin of good quality coconut cream stir well. Start eating straight away chilled mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

edkemper, Aug 19, 1:27am
oh yum! thank you!

uli, Aug 19, 1:33am
beaker59 - I have been told that we actually have swarms of anchovies around the South island - both coasts - but "we" have no "fishery" - what ever that means. Probably that no-one can be bothered?

Have you ever seen any - cause they are absolutely the best raw fish I ever ate :)

Just open up, take spine and guts out and lay flat, cover with lemon or lime juice, cover top layer with all the rinds and put into fridge for a day. Then drain, cover in olive oil and eat with fresh sourdough bread ... heaven:)

fisher, Aug 19, 1:51am
Uli. . someone is getting them as they sell them as "bait packs" similar to pilchards... Have never looked on the packet so dont know if imported or not. .

beaker59, Aug 19, 3:12am
I really have no Idea Uli I have caught anchovies when fishing for bait with nets etc but only a few occasionally I think they are in deeper water near the surface. Yes Fisher I have seen them in bait packs but NZ is a large fish market its actually tough for immigrants who know how good they can be to get them in the shops as Kiwi's don't buy them so shops don't stock them.

One of NZ's best eating fish just doesn't appear in fish shops and thats blue Mackerel identical to the European ones they are absolutely gorgeous and yet the average Kiwi will never eat one they only use them as bait. But then there is so much seafood in this country that falls into that category. Good news is that it is changing slowly afterall 20yrs ago no one ate squid now it is on almost all resturant menu's.

motorbo, Aug 19, 3:14am
My recipe once you have the ‘cooked’ fish, is to then add chopped spring onions, red pepper, cucumber, tomatoes and lotsa fresh Italian parsley, and coconut cream

davidt4, Aug 19, 4:05am
What happens to all the mackerel? I had no idea that they were a NZ catch. I would love to be able to buy mackerel - I usually substitute trevally but it's not the same.

beaker59, Aug 19, 8:11am
Never seen one in a fish shop but caught and enjoyed heaps of them that I have caught myself they look and taste identical though can be bigger at some times up to 2Kg though average about 3-500g we catch them most often on Subiki rigs when fishing for yellowtail for bait out at Great Barrier but they come into the gulf at some times of the year.

theboss17, Aug 19, 8:16am
can u make a kiwi fruit an banana cake

uli, Feb 8, 1:44am
They come from America fisher - bought some a while ago - not edible unfortunately - completely dry and tasteless - must be another variety. The chooks liked them :)