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bellasmoons, Aug 18, 4:19am
Help! That's it, im going to try out a vegan diet and try really hard to stick with it! I need dinner meal ideas... ... im a terribly fussy person who is getting over my fussyness bit by bit... i hate onions XD but besides from onions or stuff that has bits of onion in it im willing to be less fussy to be vegan

bedazzledjewels, Aug 18, 4:23am
Less fussy to be vegan? I would think you'll be much more fussy. Good luck.

bellasmoons, Aug 18, 4:27am
lol very fussy when it comes to eating fruit or some veges... ... . im getting better. Since leaving home ive been taking little baby steps at a time to improve what i eat and its suprising what i can get down now :P

uli, Aug 18, 4:31am
A fuzzy vegan?
Gee - not much you can eat then.

But seriously - I would try and sort the protein first - as that is important - especially if you are female and want to have kids at some stage...

You need 1g of protein per kg of lean body weight per day - so that is about 60 to 70g for most people.

And this is "usable" protein (meaning protein the body can use to repair itself). So if you go for peas and beans rather than meat, fish and eggs then you need to know that you need to eat much much more - as there is not much "usable protein" in beans etc.

Read up on it is all I can say - one book I would recommend is Lierre Keith "The Vegetarian Myth" - she was a vegan for over 20 years and is now crippled with back problems... .

I am not saying it cannot be done - but you need to know exactly what you are doing before embarking on something (which I would call extreme) ...

stigmata2, Aug 18, 4:44am
http://vegannz. has a few good things

http://forums. php? f=11&sid=e
0f4c3f99b0334f67ba204346200011c is pretty good for browsing

http://vegandad. is pretty awesome.

white_elephant, Aug 18, 4:45am
bellasmoons since you are a fussy eater, for your long term health wouldn't being a vegertarian make more sense.

stigmata2, Aug 18, 4:46am
Also forgot, out the 'Big Book of Vegan Products" it's downloadable as a PDF, it'll make supermarket shopping so much easier for a new Vegan.

dafing, Aug 18, 4:48am
hi bellasmoons ,

I am a 22 year old Vegan living in Invercargill, I'm 1. 95 metres tall and used to cycle 66KM each day. I am still very fit and active, lifting weights. I always enjoy reading comments by nonvegans against Veganism :)ie "fussy", "difficult", "nothing to eat"...

I have heard of Keith before, and of the harassment she claimed to have suffered.

I highly recommend my friends Abolitionist Vegan podcasts for more information, including recipes,

New Zealand shows!

http://nzveganpodcast. Elizabeth Collins, Auckland,
http://fftradio. Sam Tucker, Hamilton, Sam is amazing, he started doing this radio show at about 14,

http://vegan-for-life. by Emmy James, Waikato region,

and my own,

Other overseas shows that are great for info and recipes, by my friend Barbara, , very well known show by Colleen Patrick Goudreau , Professor Gary Franciones site

http://onhumannonhumanrelations. Dr Roger Yates site

All of these often mention food, Vegans are FAR from lacking choice, I would absolutely wager that my Vegan friends all eat FAR more varied foods than the Average NZ Diet :)IE, think of the stereotypical NZ European diet of years past, "meat and three vege"... . ooooh! Night after night... .

Heres Elizabeth's page, "what this vegan eats"

Good luck and best wishes to you :)


lurtz, Aug 18, 5:03am
dafingA positive, and excellently helpful reply. All the best bellasmoons :-)

bellasmoons, Aug 18, 5:21am
thanks. i want to go vegan over vegetarian because i particularly have a problem with how we've bred dairy cows and how there calves get taken off them as thats how it has to be now (unless they of course stop breeding them... yeah right) but also i have bowel problems that ive read milk can contribute to so would really like to try and substitute this for rice milk. Not sure about soy milk, from what ive read its not the best product to try.

bellasmoons, Aug 18, 5:27am
Yes i think the people in farming have been very kind XD I don't judge anyone for farming or eating meat... it's a societal thing... kinda a human nature thing too as far as the western world goes. Also from a biblical perspective in the future there will be no death and it says that all animals will live in harmony with people and with each other. Even though it says we can eat meat in the bible its not the 'ideal' world... anyhow it doesnt really matter what my reasons are, just that i am doing it and ways to do it, i have a friend who is so hopefully she can help with ideas too. ^^

motorbo, Aug 18, 5:40am
hi dafing, i would love to see a sample of your daily diet? ? ? am curious i dont want to be vegan but would like more vegan meals in my diet

cookessentials, Aug 18, 5:46am
Hi Bellasmoons, this site may be helpful for some tasty recipes, They say that Vegan recipes are marked with a "V"

I note also, that they have a raw vegan group too which you will find on their site.

bellasmoons, Aug 18, 6:00am
thanks am getting through some of these sites and writing down recipes ^^

dafing, Aug 18, 6:04am
Hi motorbo,

above else, lets be civil here. Well, for my daily diet? I've just finished my dinner now, tonight I'm having a sort of "salsa chilli bean" creation, Watties "hot" chilli beans, red onion, tomato, celery, Falafel in the shape of "patties", http://en. , its sort of like... hmm, you buy Falafel in plastic containers, and its like a moist dough... not really, but sort of! After frying, it forms a hard patty.

I'm also having Oca, which are called "yams" in NZ , the "red" ones, not those GROSS looking "untanned yellow" things! http://en.

I usually have very simple meals, nothing elaborate, I dont think you'd realise I was "one of those Vegan people" if you saw me eat, I'm just your normal NZer. My friend Elizabeth is much more creative, you can see photos of things she likes to make here
I hope I answered your question :)

*edit* Oh, I forgot, the bean mix also has lentils, pasta, flax seeds... I boil a handful of each, and add it to the can of chilli beans/vegetables, to make meals for three or four nights at a time, if thats what I feel like having, I have a varied diet *edit*

bellasmoons, Aug 18, 6:14am
So the pets are on a raw meat diet and im becoming a herbivore :P

uli, Aug 18, 6:17am
Sounds pretty wild to me , , ,

motorbo, Aug 18, 6:58am
thanks dafing, sorry if i sounded like i was being offensive i didnt mean it that way, im gluten free and was dairy free, but i do have a little bit now and again, but i eat alot of vege and adore them! trouble is i do like meat so its hard to give it up as well, yes i know falefals a fave of mine i make them myself from stratch! !

dafing, Aug 18, 7:03am
not a problem motorbo, although bellasmoons also posted in the Farming MB, where things can get crazy when I mention Veganism.

I hope you will find out more about Veganism motorbo, I feel very strongly against hurting 56 Billion land animals each year for no other reasons but our pleasure, that we enjoy animal "byproducts". http://bit. ly/56billion for a UN breakdown of land animals killed in 2007.

Anyway, my last post, unless other questions arise, I've already linked to my favourite links.

Thank you all for your time, have a great Thursday!


elliehen, Aug 18, 7:24am
Jordan, you might have already read this recently published book, but here are its details for others who are interested.

"Eating Animals"
Hamish Hamilton, an imprint of Penguin Books 2009
Jonathan Saffran Foer
ISBN: 978-0-241-14425-1

dafing, Aug 18, 7:44am
hi Elliehen, yes, Foer was widely criticised for that book, here is a review by Barbara DeGrande of Veganacious,
-safran-foer/ there are other, more critical reviews.

It is interesting when others can talk about Veganism when these Welfare debates pop up though.

motorbo, Aug 18, 8:16am
my problem dafing is i struggle with my love for eating meat, and my love for animals, but i do no for health reasons if i ate a vegan lifestyle it would be good for me, but i suspect very time consuming and hard for me to stick to so instead i would like to just have more vegan in my life so sorta half and half

fitness_shack, Aug 18, 8:31am
Im with motorbo - I was a vegan when I was a teen , however living on a farm with meat lovers - it didnt take long before my diet changed (and so did my health for the worse). Im hoping to go back to veganism as I know it will definitely help with health problems I am experiencing now. The hard part is that I am addicted to meat and dairy having eaten it for so long. Sometimes I feel like what I think a drug addict would feel. I get withdrawl symptoms when I dont eat meat and it is annoying the crap out of me. I am in a small town so dont have the luxury of going to places like Revive or Food for Life. I am sick of poisoning myself.

motorbo, Aug 18, 8:33am
hi fitness shack, am curious as to the health issues you feel meat gives u? if you dont mind sharing

fitness_shack, Aug 18, 8:54am
sorry - I was watching wifeswap. I feel heavy all the time (heavier than when I dont eat meat) and my bodily functions not as "regular" as when I dont eat meat but the craving gets to me. My mind isnt as clear as when I dont eat meat and my stomach just feels queezy. I am getting better though - started drinking raw vege juice and the raw beetroot juice seems to take some of the cravings away - must be the high iron content. I feel tired mainly, tired and bloated.