Gluten free,salt and sugar free,vegan curry powder

moparpete, Sep 13, 2:20am
how much will you be prepared to pay for a jar of 100gms. Bit of a market survey. Do you use any brand like this.Whats your preferance or important qualities you look for when it comes to buying curry powders. Thanks.

sifty, Sep 13, 2:28am
Nil. Sounds bloody awful.

lythande1, Sep 13, 3:01am
How about ingredient free? Sheesh. don't buy curry powder anyway, make my own, various.

moparpete, Sep 13, 3:23am

pommyjohn1, Sep 13, 3:48am
Most curry powder is gluten free

davidt4, Sep 13, 3:59am
I make my own spice mixes for curries. I don't buy generic "curry powder". What are you trying to sell?

moparpete, Sep 13, 4:08am
davidt4 wrote:
I make my own spice mixes for curries. I don't buy generic "curry powder". What are you trying to sell?[/quote
Not trying to sell anything, want to buy some of that sort for a relative who is health concious ,vegan and has issues with food allergies. I find cereals and other food items with gluten free , organic, vegan mentioned in the label but yet to find a curry powder such as that. Hence the question.

buzzy110, Sep 13, 4:40am
As gluten, sugar and salt are not actually spices I fail to see why people would think that a spice powder mix that was free of them would be inferior.

Have you been to a spice trader to see what spices and spice mixes they have? I know the ones near my old residence had quite a number of spice mixes. It was very bewildering but when I asked the Indians who run the shops, especially the ladies, they were so knowledgeable and fell over themselves to be helpful.

blands70, Sep 14, 10:08am
I don't buy pre-prepared curry powder but as curry powder comprises a number of spices I would expect all curry powders to be gluten free, sugar free and vegan. And most likely salt free too.

edzmax, Sep 15, 12:53am
Ugh, sounds horrible. I have a stock pile of spices & make my own curries. Yes, I add salt. Nothing wrong with salt in moderation, and I never add sugar. If I wanted dairy free, I make a lamb curry that has no yoghurt or cream in it. It's not hard to do.

edzmax, Sep 15, 12:54am
Yeah right!

robyn35, Sep 17, 8:11am
would you be prepared to share your recipe? have a son on an elimination diet so am trying to find recipes that actually have some taste for him

Bloody hard trying to find mixes/spices and flavourings that are wheat/dairy/soy/nut/chicken/fi-
sh/egg free

ruakokopatuna, Sep 17, 9:53am
I was a great fan of Brindavin Hot curry powder which is no longer available. This is my best attempt at imitating it.
2 Tbsp ground coriander
2 Tbsp ground cumin
1 Tbsp ground tumeric
1 tsp fenugreek
1 tsp chili powder

jan2242, Dec 25, 10:15am
found online
Serves: 20
2 tablespoons ground cumin
2 tablespoons ground coriander
2 teasapoons ground turmeric
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon mustard seed
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger