Wedding Cakes Christchurch

blou, Aug 15, 10:42pm
Just had a quote over $600 forWedding Cake can anyone kindly recommend somewhere or someone cheaper but still nice . . ?

winnie231, Aug 15, 11:25pm
There's a trader on here ... I know nothing about them but worth checking out:


2halls, Aug 15, 11:40pm
I highly recommend (unless you are going for the full monty white wedding cake look), that you don't use the word "wedding" when you get the quote. It seems to be a licence to print money ? Kidd's Cakes on Cranford St have a very long standing reputation, and what about Syenham Bakery on Colombo St ? :-)

2halls, Aug 16, 12:34am
Just another thought ... what about contacting (or popping into) Ta Dah Icing Specialists (Church Corner, right next to Grower's Direct), and asking them to put you in touch with somebody who does it from home ? This would definitely be a more cost effective option (I would think ? ). :-)

shazza34, Aug 16, 1:26am
Cakes Galore in bishopdale very yummy ans reasonably priced

basenjibabe, Aug 16, 2:13am
With not knowing who you got that quote from, i will suggest the people who did our wedding cakes. Sweet Kitchen. The cakes were divine and the decorations on it were the best! I'll try and find a pic so you can see them for yourself.

basenjibabe, Aug 16, 2:22am
http://images. jp
we gave them the pics to make the little chocolate dogs

pickles7, Aug 16, 2:50am
odd ! ! ! ! what was the quote for? ? ? how many tiers etc.
Make your own. So very easy. There are a lot of people very willing and able to ice your cake, and would jump at the chance to get there work "out there'. . Advertise for a cake icier in your local paper, ask for photo's. . What sort of cake were you looking at, Heavy fruit, choc mud, cup cakes. ,

lindylambchops1, Aug 16, 4:22am
We just had a beautiful 21st key shaped cake by Kid's Cakes Cranford Street Christchurch, it was excellent. The fruit cake was delicious and moist. the icing was superbly done. They have an area in the shop that has displays of cakes including wedding cakes. I can recommend!

charli08, Aug 16, 5:32am
Hi blou, Adrienne at Cakes Galore in Papanui makes amazing cakes. She made my 21st birthday cake from a detailed drawing I gave her, she was great and very affordable. Unless your cake is super intricate and extravagant it shouldn't definitely not cost that much. I decorate cakes myself however I am quite busy at present, do get in contact with Adrienne.

martine5, Aug 16, 7:35am
Please don't use Sydneham bakery their food is simply awful. go to sweet temptations their cakes are amazing, they are in sydenham and barrington. i too would avoid the word wedding, i can also say that their dutch apple cake is to die for.

blou, Aug 16, 7:39am
Thank you everyone for great Tips and suggestions will certainly follow up . . Many thanks . .

ribzuba, Aug 16, 10:54am
hey blou... i do cakes if you are interested?

bunny36, Aug 16, 6:33pm
go into the wedding section and look at cakes. I got mine of here a lovely lady of yaldhurst road made mine did a great job I will have a look for you and try to find her,

bunny36, Aug 16, 6:44pm
Hi Ive just gone and looked and all I can find is her trade me name that is abraphope it helps

indigojo, Aug 16, 7:46pm

My sister has used them for birthday cakes, the owner/baker is very approachable...

shell12345, Aug 16, 8:32pm
google clever cookie ltd she makes the most amazing cakes in chch.

suzanna, Aug 16, 10:24pm
Absolutely no brainer... . . sweet Kitchen. my daughters Hollywood theme cake is on the website and is/ was amazing. Talk to Mike you will be very pleased. Amazing cakes.

rolznsp, Jan 31, 11:40am
I agree - Sally262 has some amazing cakes! ! She recently just made me some wee aliens from toy story to go on my sons cake. She is very nice and as per her listings nicely priced also. Highly recommend her.