Pavlova roll

rema, Aug 14, 11:39pm
Good morning all - I know I have found a pavlova roll either on here or in trademe cooks, but now can't find it - I have trademe cooks on disc, and have checked that -
Can someone please help as have visitors for tea tonight and want to make one
Many thanks in advance

sherralynne, Aug 14, 11:48pm
Hi Rema, I've just bumped the thread for you that has a Pavlova Roll recipe in it. Enjoy :-)

rema, Aug 15, 12:01am
Thank you sooo much sherralynne

sherralynne, Jan 25, 4:50pm
A pleasure Rema, you're brave making a Pavlova Roll! I have made many Pav's over the years, but haven't attempted a roll before, I'm too scared it'll break when it's being rolled.