Cheese Roll recipe?

spiritual_life, Apr 9, 9:48am
Can anyone jog my memory... What do you mix with the cheese please? Just wondering if I have what I need in the pantry...
Cheers in Advance :)

dollmakernz, Apr 9, 10:35am
These are really nice
Cheese Rolls
1 Packet onion soup warmed with 1 cup of water over low heat, add 2 packed cups grated cheese, ½ tsp paprika, ½-1 tsp curry powder.
Cut the 2 long crusts off bread and spread wrong side (lightly) with butter or margarine. Spread the cheese mix on the other side, roll up with the cheese mixture on the inside, place in plastic bag in fridge for 1hr then grill. They are really handy to keep in the freezer for last minute snacks.
Makes appx 2 loaves of bread.

babz_nz, Apr 9, 10:46am
onion soup evaporated milk chesse heat in saucepan till thick Spread on bread and roll up

fruitluva2, Apr 9, 10:47am
sundried tomatoand diced aparagus

or pineapple and dried apricots then roll in crushed nuts

spiritual_life, Apr 9, 11:37am
Thank you all! I think the one I recall is the onion soup and evap. milk, I need to get onion soup, might do some up and freeze them ... yum, love the dried apricots in cheese roll idea too! ! Thanks! Gnite

mindi1, Apr 10, 6:24am
Chilling in fridge as I type. Maybe I was heavy handed but the mixture in #2 made up only one loaf. I sprayed with rice bran oil rather than spreaded with butter/marg. Will grill a few later once friend arrives. Others will be packed in pairs in wee bags and frozen. Thanks for the recipe.

rainrain1, Apr 10, 6:35am
Here you go:-)

1/2lb grated cheese (225gr)
4oz butter (125gr)
2 beatedn eggs
1 pkt maggi onion soup or 1 small onion chopped fine
1 + 1/2 cups milk

Mix and heat in pot slowly until thick
Spread while hot on bread and roll up
Freeze till needed
Toast, then butter top if desired

naki3, Apr 10, 8:56am
ONe tin of evap milk whisk with one packet of onion soup, warm and then add two cups of gratedTASTY cheese. Yummy rolled up in bread and toasted.

heav3, Apr 10, 9:05am
This one is the easiest one to make:(Dont need alot of ingredience)Grate cheese add finely chopped onion bit of milk to combine, spread on bread and WALA! ! ! Hubby and kids love them.

dollmakernz, Apr 15, 4:43am
mindi I always manage to get loaves out of that recipe. I find that if you put too much mixture on each one that it tends to run out when you grill them. Its a really tasty mixture though!

dairymaid, Mar 12, 6:58am
I worked for a long time at a high school canteen, we used to put 2 onons roughly chopped (in kitchen wizz). add 2 or 3cups of grated cheese can use tasty or a mixture of cheeses turn on pour boiling water in untilthe thickness you requireor you can add a packet onion soup. You can also add a tin of crushed drained pineapple