Cheese roll experts...

prendy1, Aug 15, 7:59am
I've never had cheese rolls before, and thought I'd make some for my kids' lunchboxes this week. My question is: can I make them the night before and give them to the kids cold, or do they have to be eaten hot? Also, do you grill or bake them?

chrisynz, Aug 15, 8:02am
grill them and they r much better hot as they tend to go a little tough when they get cold

prendy1, Aug 15, 8:04am
Thanks. I guess we'll have them for afternoon tea instead! Would it be wrong to use brown bread?

chrisynz, Aug 15, 8:05am
u can use both, i leave the crusts on mine as i hate waste.

waswoods, Aug 15, 8:49am
I grill mine and butter them and let them cool. Both sons are quite happy to take them to school the next day. I use any bread that rolls easily

gardie, Aug 15, 9:12am
I take crusts off bottom, and 2 sides then roll up starting with the top crust. Makes them a little more substantial and you'd never know. I actually bake mine (after brushing with butter) - makes them crispier - just turn the grill up at the end if not brown enough.
I think they are OK cold but prefer hot.

prendy1, Aug 15, 9:44am
Thanks for all your advice. I will try them out hot and if they fly, will attempt to serve them cold.

rainrain1, Aug 15, 9:07pm
If the bread is hard to roll, flatten each slice, crusts and all, with a rolling pin before you spread with mixture,

kernal1, Sep 13, 2:51am
Bread can be easier to roll if popped in the Microwave for a few seconds! Eat hot with lashings of melted butter on serving!
No need to waste crusts and any sandwich bread is fine. Freeze well so make a loaf or 2 at once. Roll straight or on an angle, doesn't alter the yummy taste! Add a pkt of your favourite maggie soup for a different flavour.

smileeah, Mar 15, 4:11pm
Great idea. Could use the crusts to make breadcrumbs too. What would be the ingredients and measurements to make these please?