Whats the icing called that you just roll and use?

baynsley, Jun 30, 5:53am
its like the stuff the use on xmas cake i think i need red, white , pink and black in chch anyone no where i can find it or what its called thanks

kaysu, Jun 30, 6:06am
Not sure of the name, but try Ballantynes or Ta-Dah's in Yaldhurst Road. When we ran night classes in cake decorating peeps went there for their stuff.

vintagekitty, Jun 30, 6:07am
isnt it royal icing?

deviant7, Jun 30, 6:24am

cookessentials, Jun 30, 7:19am

sikofstuf, Jun 30, 7:27am
fondant (or pettince)- but you will have probs with red and black- best to try and buy it already coloured for those two colours- so in that case look for 'regalice' brand- more expensive- but precoloured! Check out spotlight, or some cooking specialty shops have it. Reason being with red and black- to get true black- you have to use brown, and red is hard to achieve as it turns pink! ! ! ! Oh- btw, use cornflour, not icing sugar when doing it!

lisa7, Jun 30, 8:02am
http://www.icing.co.nz/index. php? pr=Icing_Products
Tah-Da Yaldhurst Rd.

saltness, Jun 30, 8:16am
And you can buy pre coloured fondant from Spotlight.

cookieartist, Sep 20, 10:09am
You can buy it cheaper from fresh chioce :o)

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