Baby Beetroot Recipes Wanted Please

tommi2, Aug 12, 9:15pm
Usually stuff them with horseradish cream and a little lemon juice but wanting something diff. TIA

barbs77, Aug 12, 9:19pm
I like them roasted and then in salads. I also make a salad with raw beetroot and apples cut into matchsticks, goat cheese and shallots, goes really well with salmon.

jed, Aug 12, 10:09pm
Definately roasted. I do a roast vege medley. Put cooked roast vege (including beetroot) on a large serving platter and scatter baby tomatoes and cubed feta over. Sprinkle with balsamic - very nice.
To roast beetroot I normally make a tinfoil dish for them and just roast with other veg in same dish. Otherwise the colour leaches out.

karenz, Aug 13, 6:54am
I just boil them, take the skin off and toss in balsamic vinegar and serve while still warm. I have also cut them up and swirled them (like boysenberry swirl icecream) through mashed potato made with olive oil instead of butter and milk. I toss them in balsamic first.

turksta3, Jan 21, 3:53pm
something different is melt some butter in a pan and add brown sugar and slightly caramelize, then toss in sliced or whole beets to cover.