Cooking competition please help

alex677, Aug 6, 11:53pm
My Uncle has entered this cooking competition and needs the views to win, please can you help out by clicking on this link. v=0ZKp6khYMkU

korbo, Aug 7, 12:22am
done, looked good. was that your uncle ? ?

alex677, Aug 7, 12:55am
Yeh, hes my uncle. A great chef in wellington! !

freds69, Aug 7, 3:27am
done here too. good luck to your uncle

alex677, Aug 7, 4:04am
thanks for watching the video!

braemac, Aug 7, 4:05am
done :-)

eastie3, Aug 7, 8:18am

sleyle, Aug 7, 8:25am
Done here also - he needs a lot more folks!

duckmoon, Aug 7, 9:27am
done... where does he work?

moby1968, Aug 7, 10:33am
me too had a look

alex677, Aug 7, 9:26pm
You guys are awesome, thanks heaps! ! He owns a gourmet sandwich shop in newtown! !

rainrain1, Aug 7, 9:39pm
how do we get to see the other competitors ? ? ? ?

pvilz, Aug 7, 10:20pm
done :)

tullyann, Aug 7, 10:22pm
put his shop name up will give it ago on Mondaycu

alex677, Aug 7, 10:25pm
The Sandwich Place, have a look at the website!

bella95, Aug 8, 5:28am
Yum, great sounding omelette. Good luck to him. Just checking, does it count if we just watch the vid or do we need to comment too?

alex677, Aug 8, 10:12pm
All you need to do is watch the video. Thanks heaps everyone! !

kob, Aug 9, 6:59pm
done her too

alex677, Jan 11, 12:58pm