Fish batter

syh, Aug 2, 2:09am
Im after a really nice batter recipe for fish etc crispy please not a doughy one if any one can help be greatly apreciated

harrislucinda, Aug 2, 2:30am
mineis1cup flour1/2tsp salt1 tspbaking sodamixto athickpastewithwaterthen add1tspvinegarthissticks to thefish

lavender32, Aug 2, 2:41am
I find using soda water is better than ordinary water.

evebee, Aug 2, 3:56am
i use this and find it lovely and crispy.
4 tablespoons plain flour
1 tesapoon baking soda
100 mls water [ice cold--this is important. beat together. Add salt and juice of 1/2 lemon.

Dry fish. Flour fish. Then dip in batter and coat well . Deep fry 170o 5-7-minutes. fish will rise to the top. I often add a bit more baking soda.

fisher, Dec 19, 4:44pm
What the fish shops use... :}

SELF raising flour. . pinch of salt and cold water. . (soda water if you must)
Mix adding s/r flour to obtain a run off the spoon thickish mixture. .
Dip fish, mussel, scallop, whatever into flour, into batter and cook till batter sets. . remove and set aside for second cooking. .
When ready to serve bring oil to med-high heat and complete second cooking till golden brown...
Thin crisp crunchy batter. . no floury egg mixture. . salt after cooking. .
Can add a little lemon pepper if desired...