Suggestions on Platters Please...

cherstu, Jul 25, 12:21am
Need to make a Platter for a ladies night gathering... Other than the usual crackers, dips, cheese, salami, would any of you have some easy, cheapish, different ideas on what else i could do... . TIACould maybe try and make something if theres any ideas! ! ! !

tam39, Jul 25, 12:27am
fruit platters... ... . . Fresh pineapple, honeydew melon, rock melons, Manderines etc. There all in season at the mo. Also add dates, raisins, dried apricots etc. Great for those watching there weight.

shelley39, Jul 25, 3:41am
chicken nibbles, mini samosa, small savories. salmon on french bread or seafood platter.

lynja, Jul 25, 5:38am
go retro and do the 'hedgehogs' from the 70's, half a grapefruit with cheese and pineapple, cheese and pickled onions on tooth picks. i am sure it will become a talking point and most people love this simple presentation.

rainrain1, Jul 25, 5:42am
Why don't you just do a meat platter

marie196, Jul 25, 5:47am
Salmon on crostinis, (french bread toasted) with cream cheese, chicken nibbles, hummus with toasted bagels

theanimal1, Jul 25, 8:20am
Use a savoury short pastry recipe - or purchase some - this rolls out and bakes and looks a little like flattened shortbread, though tastes different. .

Roll out until about 3-4mm thick. . a little thicker than you would have pastry for a pie. Cut into small circles with a cookie cutter - the crinkle-edged ones look good.

Bake as per the recipe or packet instructions. Leave till completely cold and freeze until the day they're needed - or make a few days ahead and keep in an airtight container.

You can decorate them as you wish. . some of the following can be made in advance, then placed on the circles not long before being ready to serve:

* Mix some cream cheese and salmon or smoked salmon together, add chopped chives or a little chopped mint. Season to taste. Spread over the circles, top with a small piece of smoked salmon.

* A slice of avocado, a slice of tomato and some smoked salmon on top. .

* Make some guacamole, and spread a thick layer over the circle, sprinkle with paprika and top with a small wedge of tomato.

* Use some cream cheese, seasoned to taste and a little lemon juice added, and spread on the circles. Top with some caviar.

* Spread a little hummus on the circles, then top with a thin layer of pesto.

* Place a slice of tomato on the circles, then top with pesto.

* Place a slice of cucumber on the circles, top with finely chopped mint mixed into some cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummus and season to your taste.

* Mix some finely chopped sundried tomato and some finely chopped mint into some cream, cottage cheese or hummus and spread on the circles. . top with a tiny piece of mint or parsley.

* Mix some chopped smoked salmon into some hummus - season to taste if needed, spread on the circles and decorate.

* Mix some sweet chilli sauce or some pickle, chutney or relish into cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummus, season if needed and spread on the circles and decorate.

* Mix some chopped gherkins into cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummus and season if needed, add smoked salmon if you want, spread on the circles and decorate.

* Other ingredients you could use:

* Salami, chopped or sliced in circles
* Olives - sliced or chopped
* Fresh herbs - parsley, mint, lemon balm, thyme, sage, etc. .
* Grilled chopped crispy bacon
* Hard boiled eggs chopped through cream cheese, cottage cheese or hummus and seasoned.
* Slices of hard boiled egg.
* Mashed hardboiled eggs, a little mayonnaise added and seasoned to taste - add a little curry powder and some chopped parsley - the good ole savoury egg recipe adapted to top the circles.
* Thin slices of fresh tuna
* Whatever you fancy... .

kaydee16, Jul 25, 8:39am
Blinis look nice on a platter rolled into pinwheels and are easy - spread with cream cheese and anything you like.

kaydee16, Jul 25, 8:42am
Some savoury bite-sized muffins.

elliehen, Jul 25, 9:02am
Add a bowl of thick Greek yoghurt and one of whipped cream for dipping.

elliehen, Jul 25, 9:05am
What about a selection of baby fritters, with some savoury dipping sauces?

tam39, Jul 25, 9:27am
Make up lots of different varieties of sushi.

cherstu, Nov 28, 10:09am
Wow, Thanks everyone for all the great ideas you've given... Just got to prepare the shopping list :) Thanks Again :)