Sharpening good knives - cookessentials or others?

greerg, Jul 23, 12:37am
Pam how do you you sharpen your knives please? Husband oilstones them then does dramatic things with a steel but not always when I need a sharp knife. I have arthritis in my hands so using a steel could be a disaster - would using a knife sharpener really be a crime?

cookessentials, Jul 23, 1:17am
I have a good Zwilling ceramic sharpener which I use each time I use the knife. Have them professionally sharpened once a year or when required.

lythande1, Jul 23, 2:04am
Steels versus whetstones and the difference. Knife maintenance and care etc.

ferita, Jul 23, 3:14am
I have a diamond steel
man it makes the knives razor sharp.
If you have arthritus and cant sharpen them you may need to use serrated knives as they stay sharper longer

cookessentials, Jul 23, 4:05am
The diamond steels are fabulous.

cookessentials, Jul 23, 4:29am
Have a look at this youtube video with Gordon ramsay, as he takes you through it and it is much easier to watch than to read v=syvvxx3eGpI

The Henckel one on the second video is the one i use in between sharpenings.

greerg, Nov 22, 3:01am
Thanks everyone. Perhaps I will just buy a good sharpener like Zwilling and hide it. Husband doesn't have many bees in his bonnet but this is one. The other is vehicle packing. Kids are away at University and I have heard them assuring various friends that they should just pile their luggage on the drive because Dad will just repack it anyway! and as for dishwasher packing...