sarahw2, Jul 20, 9:21am
Anyone have a nice easy recipe for *preserving* beetroot please? Thanks very much.

fisher, Jul 20, 11:05am
Cook:5 - 6 beetroot in salted water.
Combine:1 cup brown malt vinegar. . 1/2 cup water. . 1/2 cup sugar. . 1/4 tsp cinnamon. . 2 whole cloves. . 4 peppercorns. . 1 bay leaf. .
Simmer mixture for 15 mins. Pack sliced beetroot into hot sterilized jars and pour strained vinegar over.

sarahw2, Jul 20, 10:12pm
Thanks fisher:-) How long should I have the jars in the oven so they are sterile? And at what temp? ?

rainrain1, Jul 20, 11:23pm
Easy Beetroot Recipe

Boil 20 minutes -
1 cup vinegar
1 cup sugar
2 cups water
1 teasp salt
Add cooked sliced beetroot to liquid while boiling. Overflow into hot jars and leave screwed tight 12 hours

sarahw2, Jul 22, 8:14am
Gentle bump **need to know what temp and how long to have the jars in the oven** thanks for your help!

winnie231, Jul 22, 11:38am
30min @ 100C for your jars.

buzzy110, Jul 22, 9:30pm
sarahw I find that boiling my jars is more practical. If you don't match the temperature of the food with the jars, often the jars will crack. Also, you have to boil the lids because you can't put them into dry heat or the rubber seals will deteriorate.

By boiling you end up with jars exactly the same temperature as the food that is going to go into them and no guesswork.

petal1955, Jul 22, 11:11pm
I cook my beetroot whole in a covered dish in the microwave on 100% power for 10 mins, turn the beetroot over and cook for a further 10 mins on 100%power. Cool and peel and slice and put in a tupperware deli container and pour over a mixture of malt vinegar and brown sugar that I heated in the mircowave. I keep the container in the fridge , and in the summer time a full container doesnt last long! ! !

sarahw2, Nov 23, 2:54am
Thankyou everyone for helping me out, I will get on to these ASAP!