Coffee substitutes

sparkyc, Feb 18, 8:31am
With the price of coffee these days being out of reach of meany people. Does anyone have any good ideas for coffee substitutes?

I heard that you can roast acorns and danelion roots that have a close taste to coffee, any other ideas?

michelle_09, Feb 22, 4:20am
I drink moccona, which is at the dearer end of the scale... you could just use the cheapest pack of instant coffee - i wouldn't dare drink it though lol, Feb 22, 7:42am
I buy the good stuff on special. . one jar (100g or a 90g refil) lasts me 3 weeks even if I pay full price thats only $2. 60 a week, and we are on a super dooper low income... . mind you we dont buy a lot of the rubbish I see in other trollys so I think I'd rather keep on buying my good coffee and brew up some weeds ;o)

natalie9, Feb 22, 7:44am
I have bought in the past the instant dandelion powder from the health shops but wouldn't be cheaper than coffee I don't think (but is delicious and better for you). I don't think coffee is that expensive if you limit it?

bex32, Aug 29, 12:08am
just buy coffee beans, if you have a coffee roasting company near you, you can buy direct from them and it is cheaper. We are lucky in wellington with all the options!

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