1st Birthday Cakes ???

ribena1, Jul 12, 11:39pm
My twins are 1 in a few months, I want to make their cakes, but seeing as I'm not a great cook or experienced, just wondering if anyone has any easy cake reciepes and also could you please give me some ideas of what I could do, and show me pictures of yours? 1 Girl and 1 Boy, thanks heaps :)

indy95, Jul 13, 12:09am
Ribena1, it is quite a while since I had to think about birthday cakes but I found the AWW Birthday Cakes books very useful with all kinds of ideas, very clear instructions and pictures of the finished cakes. You could check your local library or you might want to invest in one since it sounds as though you will be making cakes for quite some time yet !

michelle313, Jul 13, 12:27am
My friend had fraternal twins and on their 1st bday she made them each a cake in the shape of #1 one, was pink, one blue.

tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 13, 12:41am
thisis a very easy idea that i did for my daughters firstbirthday cake. i bought an ice cream cake and a massive blue drink tub and filled it with blue jelly (alot of jelly lol) and put a tupperware countainer upside down in the middle of the jelly for the cake to sit on and filled it with little plastic rubber duckies and on the cake. it was fantastic my daughters fav things. . icecrea, jelly and ducks lol i will put up a photo

lilyfield, Jul 13, 12:43am
I suggest you make one for the adults, because the twins won't know or remember the difference, just stick a one on top for a photos sake.

me- spoilsport

tipsy_bl0nde, Jul 13, 12:46am
http://www.facebook.com/nicole. clifton09? v=photos#! /photo. ph
p? pid=5186266&id=677902785

although my daughters birthday was in summer and there was plenty of other food at her party lol icecream cake was ideal :)

minik8e, Oct 24, 12:46am
You can't see your pics tipsy_bl0nde... .

My twins are 1 in 4 weeks (eeeekk! ! ! ! identical girls) and I am making a butterfly shaped cake... just ordered a shaped cake tin off here and will ice it (haven't quite figured out what method to use yet... . . ) and put a "1" candle on it... I'm lazy so only doing one cake :P

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