3yr old boys soccer birthday cake

yddac, Apr 16, 5:28am
I want to decorate my grandsons birthday cake as a soccer field cake. Where can I get some bits n pieces to put on top.

roseann48, Apr 16, 6:56am
Do you have a Spotlight shop nearby. Our store has a great selection

kiwibubbles, Apr 16, 7:34am
yep i second that spotlight suggestion

kinna54, Apr 16, 7:49am
Yes I have also seen bits at spotlight, also $2 shops had a little soccer game"blow football" with goals in it. Have bought awesome soccer ball candles at New World.

raewyn64, Apr 16, 9:12am
are you in Tauranga? There is a cake shop on the top of Grange Rd - I haven't been there but they would probably have some things. Pity Spotlight is still a few weeks away yet from opening

yddac, Apr 16, 11:42am
I'm way up in Coromandel but daughter is in the Mount so will ask her to check out Grange Road. What area is that? Where in Tauranga is Spotlight going ?

yddac, Apr 16, 11:45am
Thanks jessie981 I looked there before coming here.

raewyn64, Apr 16, 10:06pm
Grange Rd is in Otumoetai.
The new Spotlight is opening beside Mitre 10 Mega in Gate Pa. My husband thinks that is a great plan - he can go to Mega and I can go to Spotlight and then we meet up at a cafe after if we have any money left lol

rdeans, Apr 17, 12:52am
I bought a finger puppet soccer set at Dollar value and used that quite successfully . It included 2 nets and boots plus ball, then just had a green coconut field. Good LuckI'm sure he will love it

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