Help - sending food thru mail in NZ

darlingmole, Jul 12, 3:06am
I live near Albany Auckland and want to send food (cakes, casseroles, pies etc) to my 2 elderly uncles who live in Ngongotaha, Rotorua. Does any poster on here know of a cheap and reliable overnight courier service they can recommend please? ...

pickles7, Jul 12, 3:21am
pre pay for meals at the R S A for them, with the money it will cost you to, buy the ingredients , cook , and send food . You could visit and cook up a storm for them, and take them out to the movies, a swim in the nice hot pools. . I bet they would give huge hugs, just to see you.

eastie3, Jul 12, 3:34am
Can't help with the courier, but what a kind heart you have.

fisher, Jul 12, 4:21am
Darlingmole... nice sentiment, big ups to you... .
Best, from experience I can recommend is "Courier Post". .
Send One day and it will be there in the morning, even if sending to Sth Island. . been great for me... .

darlingmole, Jul 12, 4:58am
thanks everyone ... well family is family and I'd like to think someone might look out for me when I'm old and fairly worn out! Great idea about the RSA meals but can't visit as I've got 6 kids to drag with me - actually my mistake, 8 kids (forgot the step kids have returned to our commune ha! )Thanks fisher for the courier post advice - think I'll also give that a try because I know it's so nice to eat a homemade meal you haven't cooked :-)

thanks again everyone x

duckmoon, Jul 12, 7:48am
my flat mate used to receive baking (slices and biscuits) from his mother ; ashburton to wgnt...

She used NZ Post

pickles7, Jul 12, 8:10am
What a shame you cannot go visit. meals on wheels do they still operate? ? ? hey even a pizza delivered, its that element of surprise, they will love it.

griffo4, Jul 12, 8:25am
l use NZ post for sending parcels to Hamilton and they go overnight great service

greerg, Jul 12, 9:33am
Many care packages have gone from ChCh to Dunedin over the last seven years with NZ couriers and none have ever been delayed. Using the next day service son in central North Dunedin actually gets them the same day but daughter in Mornington usuallygets them the next day.

darlingmole, Jul 12, 9:41am
Pickles - never thought about sending a pizza prepaid for them! Ur a star when it comes to inventive ideas:-)

Griffo and greerg - will get hold of NZ post and NZ couriers tomorrow and check out their pricing. I truely appreciate everyones input

I know for sure that the uncles are strapped for cash. One is permanently on some kind of benefit (pride prevents him telling me) and the other works part time but not a lot of dosh, in fact "tight" was the word he used. I'm thinking "strangle tight" ... so, not that we are flush but I'm going to give them something - be it a nice night out at the RSA or send some baking - but one way or another they WILL have a ray of sunshine in their universe. (As they're part Scottish and it's blimming freezing thought a little bottle of a drop of the doings - wee dram - or whatever they call it! - might be nice too eh? ! )

Once again, big thanks to this amazingly loving and supportive community on our TM board xxx

jaybee2003, Jul 12, 9:56am
What a different place the world would be if more thought as you do darlingmole. :-)

Do you have family or friends in Rotorua that could meet a bus and deliver the parcel ? What about sending goods as freight on a bus? Chances are it might travel better and be handled less than a courier? . Plus if the bus was met, there is no food sitting around overnight etc etc. My aunt used to do this regularly for her son when he was a student in Dunedin, even with frozen foods too.

calista, Jul 12, 11:41pm
I have sent Christmas cakes and puddings through Courier Post. It involved crossing the Strait, so was quite expensive.

One thing I have thought of doing (for elderly Dad) was finding a local person- ( through Church or a friend of sis-in-law) to pay to do some cooking for him.

pamellie, Jul 13, 2:13am
I send baking to my daugter at uni just through NZ post, takes a couple of days and so far so good. Any savoury food would have to travel much faster though. Packing it in those small polysterene bins would be good as then it would stay cold.

pixiegirl, Jul 13, 2:22am
Hi darlimgmole - just a thought NZ post is $7. 50 for up to 5kg North Island - they will sometimes charge more if they can measure it and it works out better for them volumetrically they will charge you that. However I would suggest you ring fastway couriers. If this is an ongoing thing you want to do you can buy a book of tickets off them (10 in a book) and each ticket has a max weight of 15kg and it is overnight to Rotorua. Each ticket is works out roughly $8. 30 and would be viable only if you could afford to pre buy the book of tickets or otherwise NZ Post. I use fastway as much as I can because they are cheaper than NZ Post for what I am sending out plus they pick up from my door and have tracking. But what a great thing you are doing for your relies. The world needs more darlingmoles! ! !

fisher, Jul 13, 2:36am
Courier post and NZ post are the same animal but different services. .
My courier guy Warwick (Courier Post, the big yellow vans) tells me that courier post guarantee delivery the next day even if sent from Kaitaia to Invercargill. .

spongeypud, Jul 13, 2:48am
Don't know if this is an option for you but you should see the size of the menu! !

I also found these... asp? OwnerID=%7BC5A6CCFF-8

nzhel, Jul 13, 4:09am
Just thinking meat items etc may not be the best to send thru the mail as they won't be kept cold enough - tho that is debatable at this time of year! Would be a shame for your uncles to get upset tummies after all your kind efforts.

nzhel, Jul 13, 4:16am
On thinking about it as other posters have said - baking would be nice, but how about supermarket vouchers which I've given often in the past and they are always gratefully received. These would enable them to be able to purchase others things too like deodorants and shampoo which can be luxuries when on a benefit.

greerg, Jul 13, 4:30am
If Darlingmole's uncles are proud as she says they might just regard vouchers as charity whereas home cooked food is just a gift of love that is welcomed by recipients no matter what their circumstances?

martine5, Jul 13, 6:36am
So nice to eat a homemade meal you haven't cooked - Isn't just the best thing! !

darlingmole, Oct 23, 6:46pm
ta for that spongeypud ... might do that just yet.

I am continually amazed by the wonderful info that people give on here. And moreover I am continually humbled by the wonderful love and support on here. Thank you SO VERY MUCH to everyone who has given me ideas x

Thought about online shopping via a supermarket but as they're classed as not quite Rotorua (Ngongotaha, still smack on Lake Rotorua) I could even't online send groceries. Still I am overwhelmed by the kind advice posted on here and please know that I will be acting upon your *pearls* again and again. Truely ~ God Bless you all

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