Who has a rice cooker? How do you like it?

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alimick, Jul 11, 9:06am
I would love one for when you have people over. Am happy to cook rice my normal way if it's just us two or three, but for bigger crowds it would be so much easier and less stressful than trying to produce well cooked rice in a bigger quantity.
Do you have any opinion on my situation? I really know nothing about them - brands, sizes etc, or how they work exactly.

fisher, Jul 11, 9:38am
alimick... I gave one to wifey as just a surprise, no reason... :}
she LOOOVES rice so this was very well received. . check out the specials with the electrical stores , they aren't a big investment and she loves hers. . well worth having. .

beaker59, Jul 11, 9:45am
I have had one for years it is great I fill it and flick the switch then start cooking my green or red curry when the curry is ready the rice is too without any bother. Only issue would be that it struggles with small quantities as once we had 6 people living here now its only 3 suppose I should buy a small one.

Edit to add I now store cooked leftover rice in the fridge in sealed containers for my sons snacks he loves it with some soy sauce after school.

r123l, Jul 11, 10:16am
I finally brought one about a year ago. God knows why I had not brought one sooner they are great. Ours has a steamer tray you put in above the rice bowl, cooks steam veges while cooking the rice. Fantastic.

elliehen, Jul 11, 10:39am
Once you have one, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it. You simply push a button and walk away to get on with the rest of the meal preparation. It even keeps the rice warm and fluffy after it's cooked. Use more water than recommended for brown rice.

pickles7, Jul 11, 12:58pm
loved mine too untill I lent it to one of my kids, it has yet to be returned 3 months on.

neil_di, Jul 11, 6:39pm
what brands do you recommend. . my SIL got one with her flybuys and didn't like it at all. . think it was a Breville?

elliehen, Jul 11, 10:28pm
On the whole I prefer Breville products, but my Rice Cooker is a ten-year-old Sunbeam, still going strong.

ceila, Jul 11, 10:33pm
I still not sure if I like mine for it still gets a film and alot of the rice stick together on the bottom and burns

macwood2, Jul 11, 10:36pm
Have just started to use mine (had been in the cupboard for about 3 years) as I had visitors from Taiwan staying for 2 weeks. I think I prefer rice cooked in the microwave to be honest. I find the rice too dry. Maybe I need to experiment with it.

alimick, Jul 11, 11:03pm
Oh wow, thanls everyone. It mostly sounds very encouraging. I had read some very bad reviews on the net, about people finding their rice burns on the bottom, machines not lasting long etc.
All you people who love yours, what brands do you have?

alimick, Jul 12, 12:35am
And what brand is yours please celia?

ceila, Jul 12, 4:48am

alimick, Jul 12, 5:33am
Thanks Celia

gaspodetwd, Jul 12, 5:36am
LOVE it! Can't do without it! Makes perfect fluffy rice every time.

beaker59, Jul 12, 6:06am
10yr old Sunbeam it can burn on bottom if you leave on for too long warming so I turn it off once done and it is fine stays warm with lid on for about an hour. I love it and use it twice a week on average.

duckmoon, Jul 12, 7:46am
My first rice cooker was a 10 cup - purchased from Briscoes in one of their sales...

I used it for the four of us, plus when we had a crowd...

when it died, I purchased a 5 cup...

duckmoon, Jul 12, 7:47am
Perhaps you aren't using enough water...
Our rice cooker has 1 cup of rice to 1 1/4 cups of water

alimick, Jul 12, 8:09am
All this talk of 2 cup, 5 cup and 10 cup --Does this refer to the final volume of the cooked rice or what?

sweater, Jul 13, 12:39am
Bought a Breville, it burn't the rice & would not turn off, so took it back for refund, gone back to the old way of cooking in the pot, & rice turns out lovely every time

gr8stuf4me, Jul 13, 12:50am
I wasnt sure Id use one so I bought a second hand one off trade me in good nic - and it was well worth the five dollars I paid for it. I use it all the time and it is still going strong a couple of years on. Makes lovely rice and so easy.

alimick, Jul 13, 12:58am
And what make is yours, gr8stuf4me? ? Thnx

pamellie, Jul 13, 2:03am
I see you have a chefmate (from Farmers? ). I have this problem with mine as well. Also if you follow the measurements on the side of the bowl as to how many cups of rice you have you end up with paste. First time I used it, it took about 45 minutes to cook 2 cups of rice and it came out a sticky paste, very disappointing! I emailed and complained and all I got back was that their "people would look into it and thanks for my feedback". i have perservered with it and now I can cook Ok rice in but do find it a bit dry sometimes. I would like my rice to be like Indian rice as opposed to asian rice.

I would not recommend this rice cooker and next time I would buy something else, probably a smaller one as it is quite large.

gr8stuf4me, Jul 13, 11:55pm
Hi Alimick, mine is actually a cascade from the warehouse job. So not an expensive one as it turns out but I love using it - makes cooking rice so much easier.

mvo, Jul 14, 1:17am
I have a Breville- it works really well. After the jug and toaster it is the most used appliance in our kitchen...